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Maolin National Scenic AreaExplore MaolinScenic SpotsSandimen TownshipDimoer Park
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Dimoer Park

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Sandimen Township

Partly cloudy(Sandimen Township)


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    Dimoer Park

Dimoer Park is an aboriginal forest park. There is a hunting zone at the right side of the park. When hunters successfully catch a mountain boar, they use the broadcast tower to tell villagers of this honor. After the hunt ends, there is a resting place for hunters to rest or cook their meals. You will find roasting racks, pots, utensils, stoves and other cooking tools at the resting area. Hunters will leave food for others, even they do not know each other. This spirit of mutual assistance amply demonstrates the spirit of union the aborigines believe in.

There are several extremely narrow paths in the mountain which are considered the tracks of mountain boars. Hunters often set traps to prey. Be mindful when passing through the paths.

Pillar of Ancestral Souls:

Within Dimoer Park is a pillar of ancestral souls, on which 10 lilies are carved. One lily stands for one village, and thus the pillar stands for 10 villages. It symbolizes the central uniting force of the aborigines here, “union” and “family”.

The Straw Knot on beehives of hornets:

Indigenous people will tie straw knots on the beehives to mark the location and to declare that the beehives belong to them. No one besides the owner should attempt to harvest the hives.

Dimoer Life Park Square:

The drainage troughs are designated as male and female to represent Yin and Yang and form a circle. There is a pillar of ancestral souls, symbolizing the continuity of life, in the center. It also represents the sun and embodies the hope that future generations will shine bright like the sun, exalt the wisdom of their predecessors and pass on the spirit of aboriginal union forever.

Chairs placed in the Life Square Plaza are shaped in Deinagkistrodon-style (the Hundred-Pace Snake—a kind of pit viper). When holding harvest festivals and other major events, members from the chief’s family sit at the first row. Nobles come after and elders are arranged at the third row. Other villagers are to use the rest.

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There are several extremely narrow paths in the mountain which are considered the tracks of mountain boars. Hunters often set traps to prey. Be mindful when passing through the paths.


Sandimen Towship, Pintung County



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.65548/22.71837
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    Dimoer Park
    4 4stars 407 reviews
    Iain Castle
    4stars 2 years ago

    Great views from Sandimen to Kaoshiung if you are lucky enough to have a clear day. The sign says "Temur" not "Demoer". Put on some bug spray, as the mosquitoes can be vicious.

    Em1x0 4ga
    5stars a year ago

    nice sunset view

    3stars a month ago

    不知道還有沒有人在管理 夜景都被樹擋住了😢 但是來透透氣還是不錯的 (民宅有養狗狗,停車請不要太靠近喔)

    5stars a month ago

    Refreshing and happy, away from the hustle and bustle, Fawn’s home, the stage of life.

    5stars 4 months ago

    2021/05/02 It's just a simple park, nothing But when the weather is good and luck is good, you can take pictures of burning clouds in the evening You can also overlook a small piece of Sandimen Township, and occasionally you can overlook the Kaohsiung 85 Building. It’s also a good choice to just blow the hair and watch the scenery and take a walk However, there are not many parking spaces when driving. It is more convenient for our screen students to ride a motorcycle

    Last Update:2021-11-30

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