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Saijia Community Trail

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Sandimen Township

Partly cloudy(Sandimen Township)


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    Saijia Community Trail

This trail, leading to Saijia Aviation Park, is 2.1 kilometers long and the starting point is behind Saijia Elementary School. Walking along the trail, you will hear the calls of the crested serpent eagle(Spilornis cheela) and see crested goshawk(Accipiter trivirgatus) soaring above. If you are lucky enough, you will hear the distinctive call of a protected bamboo rat. You will also gear the call of owls at night.

There are over 90 species of butterfly. Saijia Elementary School built a butterfly ecology garden at the entrance of the trail and planted a large number of nectar plants that butterflies feed on.

If you take a walk at night, you will be amazed by the symphony of frogs. Microhyla fissipes, Rhacophorus moltrechti, Buergeria japonica, Hylarana latouchii, and Fejervarya limnocharis. Try your best to figure them out. 

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Pingtung University of Science & Technology has been assisting the Development Association of Saijia Community to grow djulis and put this ingredient in food. You may also visit Laiying Handicraft Workshop for woven handicrafts made with shell flower, bamboo leaves and plastic Address: 135-20, Saijiaxiang, Sandimen Township


behind Saijia Elementary School, Sandimen Township, Pingtung County



Traffic Information

National Highway No. 3 exit at Changzhi interchange ─ Provincial Highway 24 in the direction of Sandimen ─ Pingdong Road No. 185 ─ Saijia Community.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.63993/22.74359
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    Saijia Community Trail
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    08 ding
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    The path is broken, don't go, you will regret it if you go

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    Natural environment physical training

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    The weather is just right this season, there are no people, and there is little uphill along the way

    Last Update:2021-11-30

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