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Saijia Community Trail

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Sandimen Township

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    Saijia Community Trail

The Saijia Village Trail sits behind Saijia Elementary School. Spanning across 2.1 kilometers, it leads all the way to the Pingtung Saichia paragliding hang-gliding field. Sauntering on the trail, you are likely to hear birdsongs of all kinds, ranging from crested serpent eagles to crested goshawks. If you are lucky, you might also get a chance to hear the low and nasal sound made by maroon oriole, a protected bird species. Owls will also join the bird choir at night.

Another kind of natural choir can also be heard at night in the butterfly eco-park, built by staff from the Saijia Elementary School and features plants and nectar sources for butterflies, at the trail entrance. Frogs of all kinds perform bucolic symphonies at night, contributing to the natural music feats with their unique croaks: Microhyla fissipes make sounds like winding a mainspring; Taiwan treefrogs croak like a turkey; Japanese stream treefrogs chirp like insects; Kuatun frogs make sounds similar to humans peeing, and Asian grass frogs sound like they are asking you for money in Chinese.

Visitors are recommended to spend one hour here. They can enjoy the eco-trail while appreciating the natural landscapes along the way. 

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Pingtung University of Science & Technology has been assisting the Development Association of Saijia Community to grow djulis and put this ingredient in food. You may also visit Laiying Handicraft Workshop for woven handicrafts made with shell flower, bamboo leaves and plastic


Behind Saijia Elementary School, Sandimen Township, Pingtung County



Traffic Information

National Freeway No. 3 exit at Changzhi interchange ─ Provincial Highway 24 in the direction of Sandimen ─ Pingdong Road No. 185 ─ Saijia Community.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.63993/22.74359
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