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Maolin National Scenic AreaExplore MaolinScenic SpotsSandimen TownshipAn-Po Tourist Cycle Path

An-Po Tourist Cycle Path

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Sandimen Township

Cloudy(Sandimen Township)


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    An-Po Tourist Cycle Path

Qingshan Village

Qingshan is the second biggest village in Sandimen Township. It has a well-known scenic spot- “Poseidon’s Palace”. The scenic spot was named for its bizarre scene of rock, valley and deep pool, with the concept of undersea palace in the mythic stories. (The village is currently closed due to the effect of Typhoon Morakot.)

Maer Village

The name “Maer”, transliterated from aboriginal language in to Japanese, was given in the Japanes colonial era. It literally means "horse village” but actually there is nothing to do with horses. You will see the image of a warrior riding a horse when you arrived the Maer Village.

You will see churches, millet field and rest areas with aboriginal decorations along the cycling path.

  • Please be mindful to the gravel truck during the mountain riding.
Travel info
Travel type

Biking trail

There’s a saying that

Qingshan Village, Sandimen Township, Pingtung County

Travel Trips

To protect yourself, please wear a helmet, wear sunscreen and carry enough water with you. It is suggested that you apply front and back brake at the same time. First, back brake, then the front brake. When you apply only back brake, you may easily crash.





Traffic Information

National Highway 3 exit at Pingdong Jiuru interchange ─ to Ligang ─ Provincial Highway 22 to Gaoshu ─ Ping 185 Mountain Road ─ follow sign for Qingshan.

  • Longitude/Latitude:22.81331/120.68901
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