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Weiliao Mountain Trail

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Sandimen Township

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    Weiliao Mountain Trail

Weiliao Mountain, 1,427 meters high and close to Dajin Bridge, is on the border of Sandimen Township in Pingtung and Maolin District in Kaohsiung City. Some climbers consider Weiliao Mountain the training base before giving a challenge to the 100 peaks of Taiwan.

"Mountains are high, but human achieves higher. Stream flows, but human reaches further." You will see these words when you arrive the peak. There are two trails for climbing Weiliao Mountain. One starting point is next to the Dajin Bridge, another one begins from Shaxi Forest Road, Koushe Village.

The first trail, gently sloping, winds up from the access road, passing Jiyi Pavilion and offering views out over Laonong Stream and Zhuokou Stream in Maolin Township and their confluence.

It then proceeds up to a scenic platform at 1,150 meters. The last part before the peak is very steep that climbers have to pull themselves up on ropes. and it will leave many people breathless and jelly-legged. The test of strength, endurance and willpower makes Weiliao Mountain a popular training base for even higher mountains. And, this is why Weiliao Mountain is regarded as an honorary member of the “100 peaks of Taiwan” by many.

The second trail starts at the 23.5 k point of Shaxi forest road. The scenery is lovely along the trail and a panoramic view can be enjoyed. It also has rich flora and fauna. This trail is highly regarded by cyclists and is a part of the cycling path network. Recently, interpretation boards have been placed along the trail by the Forestry Bureau. The trail is managed by Gaoshu Climbing Club which promotes the “leave no trace” principle and encourages climbers to “walk steady, use light gear, pick up refuse and be quiet” so that the mountains are kept in pristine condition for all to enjoy.

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Carry sufficient water. When walking downhill, please use a walking stick. Bring an extra T-shirt with you, so that you can stay dry. Gloves are used to protect yourself when holding onto a rope during climbing.





Traffic Information

National Highway 3 exit at Pingdong Jiuru interchange ─ to Ligang ─ Provincial Highway 22 to Gaoshu ─ through Dajin ─ Weiliao Mountain

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.65259/22.86553
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    Last Update:2021-10-22

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