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Maolin National Scenic AreaExplore MaolinScenic SpotsSandimen TownshipQingye Village
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Qingye Village

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Sandimen Township

Partly cloudy(Sandimen Township)


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    Qingye Village

More than 400 years ago, the ancestors of Qingye relocated on a number of occasions before settling down at the site of today’s village. The village was named Qingye in 1976. As you travel along the “mountain highway” (Ping 185 road), when you see an eye-catching arrangement of river stones and a sign with a group of butterflies about to take to the air, you know you already arrive at Qingye Village.

Qingye is a Rukai aborigine tribe. The way they decorate their house tells the stories of the family. Colorful houses line the narrow streets. You may identify the house belongs to a hunting family by its decoration of those hunted animals.

A female artist in the village created a striking butterfly window and a butterfly wall. She also built a butterfly ladder to symbolize the connection between Qingye Elementary School and the village.

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Dajin Waterfall is nearby. Lanzhu Garden guesthouse and café are close as well. Pay a visit when you are around.


Sandimen Township, Pingtung County



Traffic Information

National Highway 3 exiting at Jiuru interchange Pingdong ─ Provincial Highway 3 to Ligang - Provincial Highway 27 to Gaoshu─ Ping 185 road ─Qingye Village * No public transport serves the village so it is suggested that visitors drive.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.63905/22.83769
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    Qingye Village
    4.9 4stars 28 reviews
    5stars 2 months ago

    A good place to experience aboriginal culture

    5stars a year ago

    Love the quietness and beauty of the Aoba tribe, the tribe's enthusiasm and everything are special, come here and enjoy a short relaxation, it's great

    Stephen 夫子 Chen
    5stars a year ago

    There are ten villages (tribes) in Sandimen Township, Pingtung County, of which nine villages are Paiwan, and only Qingye Village at the northwestern tip of Sandimen Township is Rukai. The Aoba Tribe (AUBA) is a beautiful and joyful community, and it is also the only Rukai myth art village in Taiwan. It has checkerboard streets, neat routes and clean lines. The lanes and lanes are filled with paintings of Rukai mythology, full of rich art. The breath tells the story of ancestors, like an outdoor art gallery. The best thing is the night stargazing activity at the Qingye Community Development Association Plaza. Under the leadership of the stargazing teacher, Mars (Mars opposition), Saturn, Jupiter, Altair, and Vega have been seen at once. I am super excited!

    5stars a year ago

    Beautiful Rukai tribe Have a chance to come

    Lai YuJu, 賴郁如
    5stars a year ago

    I knew Qingye Village because of my working relationship. I didn’t expect it to be a tribe with so many tribal stories and aboriginal culture. The villagers are very friendly and worth spending a whole day here to enjoy the baptism of nature and aboriginal culture.

    Last Update:2021-11-30

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