Qingye Village

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Sandimen Township

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    Qingye Village

Qingye Tribe is a beautiful Lukai community on Pingtung County Highway No. 185. Its entrance is decorated with river rocks and images of butterflies, which also serve as the border of the tribe.

It is said that the tribe had been moving around four centuries ago before finally settling down at the current location in 1940. The village was transformed thanks to the young people of the tribe, who were inspired by their ancestors’ stories and painted them on the walls of their houses, creating a colorful indigenous community. Among the young was a female artist who built a butterfly-shaped window and painted a butterfly wall, drawing much attention. The butterfly theme even extends into Qingye Elementary School, which features a butterfly staircase, serving as its connection with the broader tribe. Wandering around in Qingye Tribe is similar to visiting an outdoor museum, in which every household tells their stories through art painted on fences.

Visitors are recommended to spend two to three hours exploring the tribal ground. They can even hire tour guides from the local community development association to know more about the tribe and appreciate its beauty.

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Dajin Waterfall is nearby. Lanzhu Garden guesthouse and café are close as well. Pay a visit when you are around.


Highway No. 185, Sandimen Township, Pingtung County



Traffic Information

National Freeway 3 exiting at Jiuru interchange Pingdong ─ Provincial Highway 3 to Ligang - Provincial Highway 27 to Gaoshu─ Ping 185 road ─Qingye Village

* No public transport serves the village so it is suggested that visitors drive.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.63905/22.83769
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    Qingye Village
    4.9 4stars 30 reviews
    5stars 3 months ago

    The quiet and beautiful Rukai tribe

    5stars 3 years ago

    Walking in the tribal alleys is like visiting an art gallery. It is a very relaxing tribe.

    Liao Salome
    4stars 7 years ago

    Peaceful settlement with very beautiful artwork

    5stars 3 years ago

    I got to know Qingye Village because of work. I didn’t expect it to be a place with so many tribal stories and aboriginal culture. The villagers are very friendly. It’s worth spending a whole day here to enjoy the baptism of nature and aboriginal culture.

    Ray Chin
    5stars 3 years ago

    The extremely beautiful and well-deserved Rukai Mythology Art Village, combined with local agricultural products and aboriginal creations, is worth arranging a trip here!

    Last Update:2023-10-25

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