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Sanhe Village

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Majia Township

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    Sanhe Village

Sanhe Village is located on Pingtung Township Highway No. 37. The indigenous from Wutai Township, Sandimen Township, and Majia Township first came to this place to farm the land under the help of an American priest Chiao Aiguang (Chinese name), who used resources from the Taiwan Christian Service (TCS) to help the indigenous’ relocation to where they later named Sanhe Village in 1967 through a resolution passed by the village council.

Sanhe Village consists of three smaller groups: the Paiwan tribe in Yuquan Community of North Village, their counterparts in Sanhe Community of Central Village, and a mix of Paiwan and Lukai tribes in Meiyuan Community of South Village.

The village is home to many indigenous art studios and a famous mango production site. If you visit the place between April and June, which is the harvest season of mangos, make sure you get yourself a refreshing cup of mango smoothie.

Visitors are recommended to spend an hour here exploring unique art studios or buying souvenirs exclusive to the village. 

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Visit Sanhe and enjoy the sunshine and handicraft feast. During the period of April to June, come and taste the delicious native mango grown by the villagers.


Sanhe Village, Majia Township, Pingtung County



Traffic Information

South second freeway (National Freeway No. 3) exit at Changzhi interchange ─ Provincial Highway 24 in the direction of Sandimen ─ follow signs for Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Park ─ Ping 37 road ─ Sanhe Village, Majia

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.60862/22.70304
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