Liugui Turtle King Rock

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Liouguei District

Occasional afternoon thunderstorms(Liouguei District)


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    Liugui Turtle King Rock

The Great Tortoise Rock is a mountain rock that reminds people of a great tortoise asserting its dominance like a king. It sits on the bank of the Laonong River and is surrounded by Chinese pistache sprawling around.

Folklore has it that Liugui is the namesake of the six large rocks scattered in the Laonong River under the Liugui Bridge; the rocks looked like tortoises swimming in the river from afar, thus the name Liugui, meaning six tortoises in English. The biggest rock was then referred to as the Great Tortoise Rock by the locals, who set up a shrine worshipping the rock. Local people brought offerings like Bok choy and carrots every day to the Great Tortoise Rock, praying to the Great Tortoise for protection from floods. The Great Tortoise withstood Typhoon Morakot and continues to stand on the side of a detour along the riverbank, safeguarding residents in Liugui.

Visitors are recommended to stick around for 15 minutes, showing respect to the Great Tortoise and enjoying the scenery alongside the Laonong River. 

Liugui Turtle King Rock
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3stars 4 years ago

It is located near the embankment of Liugui Village, and it has to be crossed by an alley. The overall lack of maintenance, so the appearance of the rock can no longer be seen, and the commentary board is also very mottled. The location is a bit remote, but you can see the complete Liugui Bridge.

Eric Lee
4stars 4 years ago

It looks a bit abandoned now, and the commentary board and some cloth strips have fallen, but the two large stones can be vaguely seen as the heads of turtles. What's more difficult for me to understand is that one of the turtle's head and nose is made of cement sculpture! ?

Vincent Guo
2stars 3 years ago

To enter Liugui, of course, you must first look for Guiwangyan. There is a small temple in Guiwangyan (it seems that you can exchange money with the worshiped Guiwang). The environment is not special, and the public guide documents have been destroyed.

5stars 3 months ago

Good place for stream fishing

1stars 4 years ago

seems deserted Even the sign is blurred...

Last Update:2022-09-26

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