Shiba Luohan Shan Service Area

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Liouguei District

Occasional showers(Liouguei District)


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    Shiba Luohan Shan Service Area

The Eighteen Arhats Mountain Visitor Center is located near the 5km mark of Provincial Highway No. 27, right beside the Laonong River. It was renovated by the Maolin National Scenic Area Office and the Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency, and now includes shops, toilets, and a landmark bridge spanning across the Laonong River and reaching a tableland in the south. From the bridge, visitors can appreciate the natural beauty from different angles, including the Laonong River, wind-carved rock formations, and picturesque mountains.

To get a comprehensive understanding of the Eighteen Arhats Mountain, consider booking tour guide services from the Nature and Culture Association of the Eighteen Arhats Mountain. With explanations offered by professional tour guides, you can better understand the culture and history of the place. Those who want to visit the preservation zone should apply for permits from the Pingtung Forest District Office five days in advance. Visitors are recommended to spend an hour exploring the area. 

Shiba Luohan Shan Service Area
3.9 3stars 3444 reviews
5stars 4 months ago

Short stop over. Good place to relax. Free parking area.

Adrian Thorburn
4stars 2 years ago

Nice area to stop and enjoy the views of the countryside. There are a few stores selling the usual Taiwanese gift store merchandise but not a great variety. The local government are currently developing further areas for sightseeing and walking in the nearby area so as long as they are looked after will increase its popularity.

Steven Wang
5stars 3 months ago

A right place to enjoy outdoor activities

3stars 2 years ago

+ : nice place to stop for a break - : tunnel doesn’t seem super safe ...

Morgan Ding
3stars 5 years ago

It a good place to take a rest. Good view,good air, and some goods... Perhaps too few travelers, have no coffee shop. And the only thing that is missing No way to put the water on the river. If you want to [Liugui] or more mounts take rest in here, take some pictures, Welcome to Kaohsiung,Taiwan.

Last Update:2022-07-14

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