Maolin Entrance Park

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Maolin District

Occasional showers(Maolin District)


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    Maolin Entrance Park

The Park next to the entrance of the Maolin National Scenic Area is on the Kaohsiung County Highway No. 132 in Maolin. Formerly the Maolin National Scenic Area office, the complex was revamped to become a park. Visitors can gaze at the Teldreka Bridge, the third tallest of its kind in Taiwan, and appreciate the beauty of modern architecture. The park features simple facilities that allow visitors to take a short break during their journeys before hitting the road again.

There are many public displays in the sculpture zone of the park. An example is three flag posts that symbolize resilience in the face of hardships because they withstood Typhoon Morakot. Another example is three purple crow butterfly sculptures representing three villages in Maolin District. The flying butterflies embody rebirth and hope as the three villages move forward into the future. The butterfly sculptures are lit up at night, giving them a unique appearance.

Visitors are recommended to spend around half an hour here, resting at pavilions in the park or under trees and appreciating scenery along the banks of a river nearby. 

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Maolin Dist., Kaohsiung



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.65010/22.88064
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    Maolin Entrance Park
    3.9 3stars 38 reviews
    Wayne King
    5stars 4 years ago

    The natural beauty of Maolin Scenic Area is the suspension bridge, which is very relaxing to walk with your family. There is Sapphire Lake nearby; there are many hidden trails to explore that few people know about. Compared to popular routes, this kind of adventure travel fascinates me!

    5stars a year ago

    There is a restroom and a parking lot next to it, where you can park and visit the suspension bridge!

    Cc99 Yan
    4stars 6 months ago

    Very grand entrance with restrooms

    Erin Lazy
    3stars a year ago

    Good weather is suitable for walking~ There is a 7-11 in front of the entrance, which is very convenient

    4stars a year ago

    Currently no tickets I didn't see anyone in the service area either. large space at the entrance and parking spaces

    Last Update:2022-07-14

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