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Zishalishali Trail

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Maolin District

Showers or thunderstorms(Maolin District)


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134 reviews
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    Zishalishali Trail

"Zishalishali" is a phrase from the indigenous language that means "a place of many shell ginger trees." The trail’s name came from the early indigenous residents. When they took this path to attend their farming work in the mountains, they encountered numerous shell ginger trees on the road.

The trail entrance is located beside the industrial road behind the Maolin District Office. Although it has a total length of 3.7km, currently only 2.1km of the trail is open to the public. Visitors will be able to smell the orange jasmines at the entrance, appreciate dancing butterflies at the midpoint, and take a rest at the trail’s scenic platform, which provides a wide view of the Maolin Tribe, Zhuokou River, and the lush green Central Ridge. Squirrels, Muller’s barbets, and young chickens scurry in the forests, and crested serpent eagles explores the sky above. Visitors are welcomed to come and enjoy the chirping of birds. In addition, be sure to visit the Maya Pavilion, with "Maya" meaning "Maolin" in the indigenous language, to appreciate the magnificent view of the Zhuokou River and Laonong River converging together. Visitors should arrive at the purple butterfly park after about 50 minutes of walk. Zishalishali is the most ideal ecological hiking trail for those seeking better health. However, BBQ and camping is prohibited on Zishalishali, and in addition, visitors should not break into private farms along this path.

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HikingSight seeingOutingMt. climbingBird watching


Maolin Dist., Kaohsiung



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.66442/22.88863
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    Zishalishali Trail
    4.1 4stars 134 reviews
    Saou-Wen Su
    5stars a year ago

    Really mazed to see hundreds of people butterflies migrating here for winter time 🤟 Totally what an experience hiking around.

    Liao Salome
    5stars 5 years ago

    So many purple butterflies in winter

    5stars 6 months ago

    There are many butterflies in the end of October, and it is also very suitable for children

    Xiomi Ha
    5stars 3 months ago

    "Yue Tao" Rukai language ~ ㄙ Mile (transliteration); Chinese transliteration ~ Shali; Zi ~ means a lot, Zisha Li Shali ~ is an area that emphasizes many moon peach. There used to be no place names on the mountains, and the aboriginal ancestors went to the mountains to cultivate Take place names based on the trees or plants you see growing in the area. This is the reason why the Zishali Shali Trail got its name. The trail is located on the industrial road behind the Maolin District Office, with a total length of 3.7 kilometers. Currently, a general trail of 2.1 kilometers is temporarily open. It leads from the entrance with the scent of flowers in Qili, and walks easily to the Butterfly Trail. There is a viewing platform in the middle to enjoy the panoramic view of Maolin (tribe). , Zhuokou River, along with the emerald mountains of the Central Mountains, as well as squirrels, five-colored birds, chicks, and soaring doves in the sky…etc. Maya: Maolin meaning) watch the magnificent view of the Zhuokou River and the Anonong River, and the whole journey takes about 50 minutes from the end point to the Purple Butterfly Garden in the ecological park, rewarding you with private memories of a lifetime. The 1.6-kilometer forest walking trail is temporarily closed to tourists (there are two Maolin Stations at the end point and the foot of Liugui Dajin Liwang Mountain). The bridge was broken and the road collapsed due to the 88 floods, and the Zishali Shali Ancient Trail gave residents the hope of urgently contacting the outside world and asking for help, and provided the only life-saving path for the relief materials to be carried back into the tribe on foot. The open section of the Zishali Shali Trail is currently the best trail for agricultural use, ecological butterfly viewing and physical and mental health. Visitors are invited to enter and do not barbecue, camp, or harm farmers' crops. From the Maolin National Scenic Area Management Office, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Communications

    5stars 5 months ago

    Butterflies flying, fresh air, no mosquitoes

    Last Update:2022-05-20

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