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Saijia Inn

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Sandimen Township

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    Saijia Inn

The Saijia Inn, locating right within the Saijia Elementary School, is more like a visitor center that featured with an ecological gliding ground nearby. The entrance can is right next to the Saijia Community Center. To visit the Saijia Inn from Sandimen Township, take Provincial Highway 185 and get off the highway at the 23k point, then follow the direction signs. If you come from Taishan Township, get off the highway at the 17km point instead.

The Saijia Inn was created with the concept of water by the Maolin National Scenic Area Administration and is now managed by Saijia Elementary School. The school principal showed hospitality to all visitors and supported Saijia Inn a lot. In return of the help, the Administration assited the school for many public facilities. When visiting Saijia Inn, please be mindful to the environment and keep your voice low.

On the left of the school, there is a 2,100-meter Saijia Ecological Trail that leads to the gliding ground and the tribe’s public garden. You can exercise, enjoy the nature, or try some gliding courses as you like. Always stay cautious when doing mountain activities. 

Saijia Inn
4.2 4stars 19 reviews
5stars 6 months ago

The school is small and beautiful, and the outlook is excellent. There is also a small wind and rain court, which is great.

5stars a year ago

The teachers and students of the school attach great importance to urban-rural exchanges and various activities, and run the school attentively. The unique aboriginal elementary school has a beautiful environment.

Danke Cai
4stars 5 years ago

Small and lovely Bixiang Elementary School, suitable for leisurely walks

5stars 4 years ago

Very distinctive tribe elementary school Will love him when he comes

4stars 4 years ago

There are walks next to the school for walking

Last Update:2022-05-20

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