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Saijia Inn

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Sandimen Township

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    Saijia Inn

The Saijia Relay Station is located in Saijia Elementary School in Sandimen Township. Visitors can reach the place through Pingtung County Highway No. 185, where they can see a road sign directing them to the Station at the 23km mark. They can also depart from Taishan Village and travel on Pingtung County Highway No. 185, then enter the Saijia Tribe at the 17km mark of the Highway. They can then reach the Station through a road beside the Saijia Village Hall on the tribal ground.

Inspired by the image of water, the Relay Station is constructed by the Maolin National Scenic Area Office and managed by Saijia Elementary School.

Saijia Elementary School is characterized by its paragliding-based theme and a diverse ecosystem. The school features various facilities, such as water dispensers, toilets, and observatories, which makes it suitable for visitors from afar to take a break here and appreciate the picturesque view of the surroundings.

Visitors are recommended to spend about half an hour here. Be mindful when using facilities on campus and keep the environment clean. Please refrain from littering and sort your trash properly. Also, please be mindful not to disturb students during class time. 

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The Saijia Relay Station is located in Saijia Elementary School, Sandimen Township, Pingtung County



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.63951/22.74362
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