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Rinari Tribe

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Majia Township

(Majia Township)


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    Rinari Tribe

The Provence of Taiwan: Rinari

After Typhoon Morakot devastated the three townships of northern Pingtung, the Pingtung Government assisted the locals in rebuilding their homes. Majia Farm was selected to be the permanent housing site, and residents from Dashe Village in Sandimen Township, Majia Village in Majia Township, and Haocha Village in Wutai Township all moved to the farm. Houses were established with support from the World Vision, and the new settlement was named Rinari, meaning “the place where we all head to.”

Surrounded by mountains, Rinari enjoys an expansive birds-eye-view of the idyllic Pingbei Plain. As you walk about in Rinari, you shall find churches here and there. Each church has a different exterior, making Rinari a special place. Of course, the churches show how devout the residents are. Why not join a “royal reception” accompanied by festive music here. Dance with your host and immerse in pure joy.

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When you visit Rinari, remember to take off your shoes before entering someone’s house. This is the uttermost respect you can show to your host. For this reason, Rinari is nicknamed as “the tribe where you must take shoes off.”


Majia Township, Pingtung County



Traffic Information

By car: National Highway 3, Changzhi Interchange → Provincial Highway 24 → Shuimen (County Road 187) → Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Culture Park → Pingtung County Road 35 → Rinari Tribe

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.64645/22.70143
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    Rinari Tribe
    4.4 4stars 199 reviews
    4stars a month ago

    Because of the August 8 typhoon, permanent aboriginal settlements were built by relocating villages from the mountainous areas. Aboriginal-style decorations can be seen everywhere. The modern and neatly planned streets and houses make the visitors almost forget the time when their homes were rebuilt after the disaster. recall

    4stars 2 months ago

    I just saw this article yesterday Artistic creation of the square in front of the Linali Visitor Center Won the "2021 MUSE Design Awards" Silver Award in Landscape Design Category Sub-project of Design Competition Since we are in Pingtung, of course we can’t miss it If the weather were not really too hot, there are many buildings in the community worth slowly admiring

    Abby Chiang
    5stars 2 months ago

    Great place! Creative and textured aboriginal creations. If you are fortunate enough to meet an aboriginal artist, you can feel full of enthusiasm and share creative ideas. Don’t have a harvest. ❤️

    steve chen
    5stars 7 months ago

    Tribal European and American-style community construction, neatly planned and well-equipped facilities, beautiful scenery and beautiful environment, a leisurely stroll on the streets here, comfortable

    Rock Micah
    5stars 2 years ago

    very good

    Last Update:2021-11-30

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