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Maolin Visitor Center

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Maolin District

Cloudy(Maolin District)


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    Maolin Visitor Center

The Maolin Visitor Center is tucked away in Maolin Alley, sitting right across the Maoli Eco Park. Formerly the Purple Butterfly 3D Multimedia Center (located in the Maolin Branch Office of Fengshan District Farmers’ Association), it was revamped to become the Maolin Visitor Center in July 2018 by the Maolin National Scenic Area Office and was officially opened to the general public on December 5th in the same year. The center features a wide range of facilities in order to provide better and comprehensive service to tourists, including a tourist information desk, a multipurpose exhibition hall, a 3D multimedia room, a lactation room, a prayer room, a book circulation station, and smart charging ports. In addition, the Maolin Environmental Education Center is also located in the Visitor Center, so visitors can take environmental education courses about purple crow butterflies, indigenous culture, and the meander landscape.

Visitors are recommended to spend an hour here to watch 3D videos or search for tourist information about the Maolin National Scenic Area. 

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No. 16, Tachin Li, Maolin Dist., Kaohsiung City



Traffic Information

1. National Freeway 10 – Qiwei – Meinong – Provincial Highway 28 – Xinwei Scenic Bridge – Provincial Highway 27 – County Road 132
2. National Freeway 3 – Jiuru Interchange – Provincial Highway 3 – Provincial Highway 22 – Provincial Highway 27 – Dajin Bridge – County Road 132

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.66321/22.88679
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