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Baolai to hold eco-friendly flower picnic


Baoli has more than hot springs. Now it holds picnics, too. On December 17, 2016, at Zhulin Leisure Farm, Baolai Flower Picnic will be held. Two hundred servings of flower lunch made by a prestigious national-banquet chef, using mountain food ingredients and nicely placed in plum flower-shaped boxes, will be distributed to participants. The eco-friendly lunch boxes can be used multiple times. What’s more, as few plastic products will be used at the site. The organizer hopes the picnic takers will bring any garbage they created home, just so as to make this an eco-friendly picnic.

The “Flower Lunch Box” features plum cuisine designed by Chou Wu-hsiung, a local chef who once served the country’s national banquet team. There are two main courses, stewed plum chicken and tender pork steak. Both have a sweet lemony zest. The side dishes are made with young chayote leaves, bamboo shoots, pumpkin and taro, all decorated with fresh flowers. The meat is so tender that it almost melts in one’s mouth, and the flower food is a feast to the eyes. The lunch meals truly exude the charm of mountain town Baolai.

Maolin National Scenic Area Administration will distribute the meals at the picnic site. It welcomes all to visit Baolai on the 17th and taste the gourmet food that is full of local features. On the picnic day, Chen Liang-chun Chinese Orchestra will perform selected songs. Clown-balloon and bubble shows will be held, followed by a performance by several renowned singers.

Other than Zhulin Leisure Farm, in Liouguei, Xitou War Path, Shiba Luohan (18 Arhats) Mountain and Meilunshan Trail are also great for appreciating flowers and mountain views. All visitors are also cordially invited to visit these places.

On a side note, at Melon Shan Spa World, Bulao Hot Spring Area, on December 31, 2016, a New Year count-down event entitled Bulao Hot Spring Fantasy will turn Bulao into a sleepless town. On Bulao Main Street, street artists will give performances from time to time.




Last Update:2016-12-19

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