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Artsy fair to kick off at 18 Arhats Mountain


From August 5 to 27, from 09:30 to 16:30 on all weekends, at Liouguei’s 18 Arhats Mountain Service Area, an indigenous art market called “LOHAS Fun” will be held. Two indigenous dance and singing shows (10:00-11:50 / 14:30-16:20) will be dedicated by Rukai, Paiwan, Bunun, and Hla'alua peoples. Free stone-painting and aiyu jelly-making classes will also be held. Don’t forget to get free samples from food stands by presenting the coupons listed on the activity flyer. You are cordially invited to visit 18 Arhats Mountain!

The 18 Arhats Mountain Service Area has just recently been re-inaugurated. The area features beautiful views of Laonong River and some scenic cycling paths. There is also the Liouguei Historical Trail. Fresh local farm produce may be purchased, too. The Maolin National Scenic Area Administration welcomes all to explore this mountain town.

Last Update:2018-06-11

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