XinWei Visitor Center

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Liouguei District

Occasional afternoon thunderstorms(Liouguei District)


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    XinWei Visitor Center

The Xinwei Visitor Center sits in the north of the 45km mark of the Provincial Highway No. 28. It serves as the administrative office of the Maolin National Scenic Area.

The office building and the two visitor centers in Maolin and the Eighteen Arhats Mountain were severely damaged due to Typhoon Morakot in 2009. During the recovery process, the administrative team took factors such as location and convenience into consideration and, in the end, arrived at the decision to set up a visitor center at the current location. It also decided to base its office there to better serve visitors.

The center features a wide range of facilities, including a barrier-free information desk, multipurpose exhibition areas, multimedia rooms, lactation rooms, prayer rooms, book circulation stations, and charging stations. What is more, Mahogany Avenue, which is said to be the most beautiful and most popular of its kind, is only a stone’s throw away. It is a place for everyone, ranging from senior citizens who enjoy relaxing strolls to photographers who love taking photos of Mother Nature and even couples who want to take beautiful wedding photos.

Visitors are recommended to spend 30 minutes to an hour in this place, where they can find tourism information or simply enjoy a walk along the Mahogany Avenue nearby. 

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NO. Xinwei 171, Xinwei Li, Liouguei District, Kaohsiung



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.62280/22.89067
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    XinWei Visitor Center
    4.4 4stars 501 reviews
    wenwen C
    5stars 4 weeks ago

    ●A total length of 2 kilometers ●Mahogany walkway deciduous rug ●Popular attractions for online wedding photography Located in Xinwei Forest Park in Liugui Township, 45km away from Taiwan Highway 28, there is a visitor center next to it. The most famous one is the mahogany trail. , Strolling in the park and breathing phytoncine, it is the deciduous period in late spring, there are beautiful brown fallen leaves everywhere, many tourists are smiling, while swaying the fallen leaves, while jumping and taking beautiful photos, it is very pleasant. Xinwei Forest Park was originally a part of the old riverbed of the Laonong River. Later, due to the excellent soil quality, it was built as a nursery and mainly planted saplings. There are more than 200 species of cultivated species. It attracts those who like to get close to nature and summer For summer vacationers, there are gazebos and beautiful forest boardwalks in the park, which are full of greenery on sunny days. You can see the sunlight refracting the ground from the gaps in the leaves. On rainy days, you can feel the misty mist and feel like a dream forest.

    5stars 8 months ago

    It is said that there are a lot of small black mosquitoes, so I went up the mountain in long trousers. The blue sky is cloudless, the sky is covered by green trees, and the sun is scorching hot. Tickets are free, parking fees are free, and there are not many parking spaces. The first parking lot is next to the tourist service center, where there is only the tourist center and a small vending department. The direction of the second parking lot is the place where the whole park can walk and jump. The area is really not small, and it would be even better if there are bicycles. A whole row of big trees are planted in the park, arranged very neatly, neatness is beauty, and it is relaxing to watch.

    3stars a month ago

    We did not get in park because it will close 5PM. We had just took picture at the the gate. Free parking area.

    Jimmy Sun
    5stars 6 months ago

    So good

    Kevin Liao[10級在地嚮導]
    4stars a year ago

    It is a good place for the whole family to take a walk and relax. There are a lot of trees planted in the visitor center park, which can absorb more phytoncide. Environment: Turning right at the intersection is the first parking lot. There is a visitor center on that day, as well as a coffee shop and a sales department. Go left and there are 2nd and 3rd car parks. Go to the end of the third parking lot, as everyone said, there is a nightclub gathering. If you have children, please consider it yourself! The mahogany tree with a total length of 2 kilometers is very suitable for walking 🚶 Toilets: There are not many toilets, but there are in the visitor center and one near the second parking lot. Parking: Parking is very convenient and there are quite a lot of parking spaces! Tickets: Totally free 🆓 All in all, from the second parking lot to the right hand side of the third parking lot, although the park is covered with a fence, you can vaguely see the nightclub. Can!

    Last Update:2022-07-14

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