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    Rinari Visitor Center

The Linali Visitor Center sits on Heping road in Majia Township of Pingtung County, the center of a network of tourist attractions connected by Provincial Highway No. 24, as well as Pingtung County Highways No. 185 and No. 187. To supplement the Visitor Center in providing comprehensive services and satisfying tourists’ needs, the Pingtung County Government established the Quinoa Museum and Linali 1n1 Creative Space beside the Visitor Center. By integrating indigenous culture and innovation, the government turned traditional indigenous crafts into artworks with profound meanings.

The Visitor Center features a barrier-free information desk, a multimedia room, a lactation room, a book circulation station, and chargers for mobile devices. Visitors are strongly recommended to do two things here. The first is to try out traditional Paiwan costumes and take photos. The second is to visit the observatory on the center’s second floor, where they can admire mountains and forests in the surroundings, sunset, Xiezhang Bridge, and the 85 Sky Tower in Kaohsiung.

Besides activities inside the center, visitors should also check out art festivals held on weekends at the plaza in front of the center, as the festivals are where people can see craftwork featuring indigenous cultures. If tourists wish to know more about Lukai and Paiwan cultures, they can visit the tribes.

Visitors are recommended to spend half an hour here. Besides collecting tourist information, they can also try on traditional indigenous costumes and take pictures for free. 

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No. 63, Sec. 1, Hoping Road, Majia Village, Majia Township, Pingtung County



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.64406/22.69950
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    Rinari Visitor Center
    4.4 4stars 504 reviews
    Willance Tan
    5stars 7 months ago

    What a beautiful, cultural village

    Huang Stan
    5stars 2 years ago

    Art and culture.

    Silvia Cheng
    4stars 5 months ago

    Came to the Linari Tribe to participate in activities. It was a clean and comfortable place. They just happened to have a rural sports event. I visited the tribal activity center and many stores. The activity center has unique services. Volunteers are enthusiastic and professional to explain. There is air-conditioning inside to sell related tribal specialty products. Aboriginal people can borrow them. There is a TV show explaining the tribe's clothing. There are drinking fountains and chairs for resting outside. Super clean toilets and considerate hand washing stations (hand soap and paper towels). The parking lot is carefully organized and arranged. There are dense trees opposite the place. You can join the tribe and visit it together. Browse

    5stars 4 months ago

    Located on Heping Road, Majia Township, Pingtung County, the base can be connected to scenic spots along the lines of Taiwan Line 24, Ping 185, and 187. Therefore, the "Linali Visitor Center" is set up. In addition, the Pingtung County Government has set up a red quinoa story hall and ceremony hall next to it. Nali 1n1 original space, with the inheritance of native culture and innovation and creativity, turns traditional skills into works of art with infinite images, and provides tourists with the convenience of multiple services for travel, shopping and transportation. Visitors can go up to the second floor to look around the surrounding mountains and forests, watch the sunset, and overlook the cable-stayed bridge and the Kaohsiung 85 Building. It is recommended to stay for about 30 minutes. You can get local sightseeing and travel information here, and you can also inquire about the popular free ethnic clothing experience and take pictures as souvenirs. 2023.8.1

    Ailill Chen
    5stars 5 months ago

    The service volunteers introduced us kindly and seriously to us who were here for the first time, so that we could avoid missing out and directly find a suitable place to experience. The management office also has local Aboriginal costumes that can be loaned out for photos! The clothes and accessories are all organized, protected, and clean. These clothes are very beautiful! And it can be seen that they have been taken good care of. I am very happy to have the opportunity to try on such beautiful and exquisite clothing!

    Last Update:2023-10-25

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