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    Wanshan Tribe

The Wanshan Village is located on Kaohsiung County Highway No. 132 in Maolin District. The entrance of the Tribe is 7 kilometers away from the Maolin District Office. The Village was previously referred to as the Mandaulan Tribe in the Japanese colonial era and known among the indigenous tribal members as Oupunphuo.

Originally situated 1,475 meters above sea level at the bottom of the Wantoulan Mountain, the Village used to be the most remote indigenous community in Maolin District. However, due to poor road conditions, it was moved to its current location in 1954, leaving behind slate stone houses and a mysterious group of stone sculptures that depict the love story of Gubatsaeh.

Visitors are recommended to spend 30-40 minutes looking at slate stone houses and the catholic church below the Village. 

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Wanshan Tribe, Maolin Dist., Kaohsiung



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.68134/22.90813
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    Wanshan Tribe
    4.2 4stars 120 reviews
    5stars 8 months ago

    Come to do the 100-point stamp collection. Many roads along the road are under construction, but the passage will not be very difficult. There is a slope opposite the police station. Sister Google told me to ride down. I parked the motorcycle in a gazebo diagonally opposite the police station. There are stairs next to it to go down. After walking a slope, there is an iron ladder next to the last location of the map navigation. Go down and gather immediately. to the virtual chapter. When I was walking back, I saw a van, and I had to ride it when I walked back the same way. The van drove past me from the other end of the road, not from the slope, so there should be another way to pass, it’s just sister Google I love adventure😅 (When I go to various villages, I am used to locomotives parked outside. I can not only enjoy the scenery by walking, but also avoid troubles and dangers caused by unfamiliar road conditions)

    5stars 8 months ago

    Thanks to Kaohsiung Jizhang for taking me here, it is quiet and beautiful. The chapter is at the entrance of the association office, in a place that looks like an indoor basketball court. I walked down the slope and looked around, but I was not sure if it was this place. I asked the residents nearby to confirm. It turns out that the venue that says oponoho is equivalent to their Limin activity center. (Don't take the tribal path of Google navigation, you have to drive around and take the tribal outreach path.)

    4stars 7 months ago

    Kaohsiung point stamp Navigate to this address Right-hand sheltered parking lot After going down the stairs The stamp is on the right Stamp on the door Arrival around 17:20 can still cover

    5stars a year ago

    The beautiful Wanda tribe, you can see the cultural history of the Rukai people, the evolution history of the slate house, and experience archery under the guidance of friends, a great day👍

    4stars 2 weeks ago

    earlier years I have heard of the Wanshan Tribe but never visited finally came recently tribe built on a slope I feel the road is so steep In the tribe, there are flat roads that are not wide, small cars can pass through, and there are stairs, which are convenient for walking and climbing Sports field with basketball court It feels like a slow world

    Last Update:2022-07-14

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