Duona Tribe

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Maolin District

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    Duona Tribe

The Duona Village is located at the terminal of Kaohsiung County Highway No. 132. It is the most remote indigenous community in Maolin District. In the Japanese colonial era, the village was referred to as “tunzi”, a direct transliteration from Japanese, but the tribal members called themselves Kunadavan.

The Duona Village, consisting of several smaller tribal groups, is said to be one of the well-preserved indigenous Lukai communities in Maolin. There is a broad and flat tableland surrounded by mountains in the back of the Tribe, where Duona people cultivated black rice, a local specialty. Every July, the Duona people will hold the Black Rice Festival (Tabesengane) to thank their gods and pray for a good harvest next year. They will also hold another festival celebrating good harvests in November, called Tapakadrawane. Besides the festivals, the Duona Village is also known for its special custom that involves men sending women they admire millet bound by red, green, and yellow wool before major celebrations. The more millet bundles a woman has, the more popular she is in the tribe.

Visitors are recommended to spend an hour here. They can either explore around on their own or hire tour guides. While they are encouraged to look at slate stone houses, the house of the tribal chief, and the platform of headhunting on the tribal ground, they should refrain from action that might disturb the Duona people. 

Duona Tribe
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Kevin Kuo
5stars 6 years ago

Well...I do not know the criteria for rating a village. What I do know is that this village is home to the West Rukai people, the aboriginal people of Taiwan. Thus, it is the place to go to experience and learn about their culture, way of life, and architecture. The main road leading up to the entrance features several restaurants and shops, which features their cuisine, products, and even goods grown on their farms. There's also a hot spring close to the village, if you are looking for a place to relax. When I was there the people were extremely friendly, and was happy to share their culture. I was there for the Milet festival in which they allowed us (the tourists) to observe their ceremonies, and participate in some games and celebrations. A note to would be visitors is to not get too carried away with finding spots to take photos. The ceremonies they allow us to observe are not performances, and should be treated with our utmost respect. Stay within the designated areas for audiences. A zoom lens would be very handy to get these close-up shots.

Khiem Nguyen
4stars 4 years ago

Beautiful place, and beautiful Tuona town.

alina chandra
5stars 6 years ago

Maolin distric kaosiung city...beautiful places...i like that..

Saou-Wen Su
5stars 2 years ago

This tribe is located at the very end of the scenic road in MaoLin. There are few accommodations here but most of people come here for a day trip. I enjoyed a lot the atmosphere around. It is a quiet village. The road conditions are pretty good from the entrance of the MaoLin e entrance gate. Winter time is wonderful to come because at day you feel warm and at night it is cold.

Chris Thornton
5stars 6 months ago

Took the bus up and walked part of the way back. Very interesting and SO beautiful.

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