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Anpo Tribe

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Sandimen Township

(Sandimen Township)


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    Anpo Tribe

Previously Dash Tribe, Anpo Tribe of Sandimen Township, Pingtung County is a small Paiwan tribe leaning against “Beauty Mountain.” In recent years, it has been promoting children’s play, including more than a hundred traditional outdoor toys. The tribe also provides a range of special toy experiences and sells fine cultural and creative products. Anpo is hailed as the “kingdom of children’s play.”

Beauty Mountain Hiking Trail offers panoramic views of the tribe - guided hiking tours plus indigenous story-telling are available. For the toys and the tours, Anpo is loved by families with children. It is a highly popular designation within this region.

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Anpo Tribe



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.63790/22.79801
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    Anpo Tribe
    4.5 4stars 149 reviews
    5stars 4 weeks ago


    2stars a month ago

    沒有保養,環境有待加強 老舊公共設施,還是可以走走

    5stars 2 months ago

    Because during the epidemic, the Children’s Playhouse is currently not open. The residents here are very nice. It provides a waterfall attraction. After visiting the village, I will look for the waterfall. The road is not easy to walk, but I am very happy when I reach the destination. , Play in the water~

    Xiuyun Cai
    3stars a month ago


    4stars 8 months ago

    There are very few tourists and no shops on Saturdays, which is a pity. Using dim sum to run the tribe, coupled with publicity, should bring business opportunities to the tribe

    Last Update:2021-11-30

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