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2021 Austronesian Wedding - Romance at Dawu Mountain; Vows of Lily Flowers


The highlight of “Romance at Dawu Mountain; Vows of Lily Flowers” - a traditional Rukai nobles’ wedding, took place at Wutai Indigenous Culture Square at 9am, Novermber 20 (Sat.). Other than remarkable singing and dancing, a sedan-entrance and a betrothal gift ceremony were held. The brides and grooms put on head ornaments, toast to guests, dance, and play swings in the process. All these are the essential parts of a traditional Rukai wedding. After the wedding, a special indigenous feast was held, for all guests to share the joy of the birth of new husbands and wives.

Other than the wedding, on all weekends in November, at Wutai Tribal Culture Square, indigenous open markets are held. A wide range of indigenous handicrafts are for sale there and traditional tribal food is served. Visitors may also tak DIY classes if they like, such as making millet bouquets. Come to Wutai Township, Pingtung County to immerse in indigenous culture and take part in these festive events.

For more activity information, visit “Fun.Maolin” on Facebook and the official page of the Austronesian Wedding.

Last Update:2022-05-20

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