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“The origin. The Forest. The Tea Party” invites visitors to experience mountain tea culture


"The origin. The Forest. The Tea Party" will be held in Kaohsiung’s Xinwei Forest Park on March 19-20, 2022. Tea enthusiasts are welcome to make reservations to attend the event online and also enjoy a spring tour of Liugui Xinwei Forest Park.

Eight tea masters have been invited to the event from Kaohsiung’s Taoyuan and Liugui districts, presenting tea party themes against the natural backdrop of the park. Reservations are required to take part in the event, which offers visitors an exquisite tea tasting program. In addition, a tea and good cuisine exhibition will be held, allowing participants to enjoy quality tea, interact with the tea masters and admire the charm of mountain tea culture. Sign up to attend the tea party and a chance to win a set of "The origin. The Forest. Memorial Cups." A lottery draw will be held at the event site with visitors receiving a ticket for every product they buy over NT$1,000.

Visitors can also watch a live performance by a choir from Baoshan indigenous community in Kaohsiung, while relaxing and drinking tea. The choir will present a series of wonderful traditional Bunun songs and enjoy the fresh forest tea aroma with everyone in attendance.

A tea-picking experience photo zone for influencers is available onsite. In addition, there are opportunities to learn glass bead crafting, plant dyeing, Aiyu DIY and other handicraft activities. In this way, visitors can attend a tea party and enjoy exquisite tea, while experiencing first hand the daily life and culture of local indigenous peoples.

Please sign up to take part in the event activities online. For more information, go to the "Fun visits to Maolin" FB fan page.

  • The origin. The Forest. The Tea Party


  • The origin. The Forest. The Tea Party


  • The origin. The Forest. The Tea Party


  • The origin. The Forest. The Tea Party



Last Update:2022-03-11

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