Shenshan Waterfall

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Wutai Township

Occasional showers(Wutai Township)


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    Shenshan Waterfall

Shenshan Waterfall is a Natural, Cultural and Ecological Scenic Area is not yet open to the public. For more information, please contact Wutai Township Office.

Shenshan Waterfall lies hidden within the hills at 39K on Provincial Highway 24 toward the connection road to Jiamu community. Surrounded by nature, visitors feel as if they have stepped into paradise while enjoying the icy waters and the magnificent mountain range. A 20-minute downhill walk from the entrance is required, but visitors will pass by 3 platforms and an exciting and thrilling rope bridge along the way. Enjoy the beauty of nature, including the dazzling, gem-like waters beneath the waterfall.

Visitors are suggested to spend an hour here, and to be very careful of the environment. Be alert of snakes and slippery moss. Do not enter deep or dangerous waters. An entry permit is required for entering Wutai Village, and heavy vehicles are prohibited from entry. 

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39K on Provincial Highway 24



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.73060/22.75488
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    Shenshan Waterfall
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    5stars a year ago

    Pingtung Attractions|Shenshan Waterfall! The super superb rope suspension bridge is so fun! The green and clear deep pool is so dreamy! Shenshan Waterfall, hidden in Wutai, Pingtung, is named after it is located under the Shenshan tribe. Recently, a new rope suspension bridge has been built on the trail. Walking on the wobbly rope is like a situation of high-altitude stunt performance. It takes about 10 minutes. Walking to the Shenshan Waterfall, the deep green pool is like an emerald. In the pool, you can see many schools of fish roaming freely. You can lie on the boulders and squint for a while, enjoying the comfort of the negative ion water spray slowly, and the independence of the world. The Shenshan Waterfall makes people forget their worries. If you want to come to Shenshan Waterfall, you can get off at Changzhi Interchange on National Highway No. 3, then take Provincial Highway 24 to Sandimen and Wutai. Before entering Wutai, you need to stop at the police station and fill in the mountain entry permit. Go straight to the Shenshan tribe and you can see the Shenshan community Stele, turn left and go down the mountain at this time, you will encounter a fork road, the one on the left will go straight to the Shenshan Waterfall, about 2-3 kilometers by car. The Shenshan Waterfall Trail has experienced many wind disasters, and the Shenshan Waterfall still exists beautifully. The entrance has also been changed to the lower corner of the industrial road. About 5-7 cars can be parked by the roadside. If the small parking lot is not enough to park, the lower roadside You can park your car. The Shenshan Waterfall trail is perfect after renovation. Pingtung’s characteristic slate and shale decorations can be seen on both sides of the trail. Some people call Shenshan Waterfall Wutai Waterfall, but because it is located under the Shenshan tribe, most people name it after Shenshan Waterfall. The altitude of Shenshan Waterfall is about 500-600 meters, but the view is very magnificent, with a panoramic view of valleys and ravines. Walking down the Shenshan Waterfall Trail, the first thing you will encounter is this small waterfall. Many people think that this is the Shenshan Waterfall. After seeing it, they return to the parking lot and leave. There is also a "Shenshan Waterfall" commentary here. card! Tourists who come here for the first time are easily deceived. Tourists who have not been here for a long time will definitely think that the Shenshan Waterfall has changed after the storm! This is not Shenshan Waterfall! This is not God, this waterfall should be regarded as the lower level of the Shenshan waterfall. The dark green deep pool is quiet and hidden, and white light reflections can be seen in the deep pool. It is a fish turning over in the stream. Continue to move forward to find the real Shenshan Waterfall. The trails along the way are paved with shale and slate, which are the main building materials for the falling stone slab houses in Pingdong. Very comfortable.

    張Ting Ting
    4stars 3 months ago

    Last Update:2022-07-14

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