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Shenshan Tribal Cooking School

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Wutai Township

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    Shenshan Tribal Cooking School

Shenshan Tribal Cooking School is located in Shenshan community in Wutai Village and can be found along the Provincial Highway 24. Enveloped by clouds all year round, this rustic area looks like it was made in heaven. The Tribal Cooking School is first of its kind and guides visitors to learn about ingredients at the farms. Come and feel the charms of the indigenous tribes starting from their foods. For instance, the Apple of Peru (Nicandra physaloides) is a commonly found indigenous plant and can be seen throughout the tribe. It is also a key ingredient for traditional Rukai delicacy, “cinabu”. Visitors can enjoy picking their own ingredients and cooking them at this Cooking School.

Visitors are recommended to stay for at least 3 hours at the Cooking School and to make prior appointment with the community development association before the trip. An entry permit is required for entering Wutai Village, and heavy vehicles are prohibited from entry. 

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No. 15, Shenshan ., Wutai Township, Pingtung County



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.72778/22.75128
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