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Wutai Scenic Area

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Wutai Township

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  • Aerial photo of Shenshan tribal community Dawu Village Dawu Village-Guren Suspension Bridge Shenshan tribal community moon stele Overlooking the Ali tribal community Chief house Aerial photo of camphor forest trail

    Wutai Scenic Area

Wutai Scenic Area is the first natural scenic area in indigenous communities throughout Taiwan. It encompasses three indigenous settlements: Ali, Shenshan, and Dawu; it is approximately 14,352,390 square meters in area. Scenic spots include the colorful walls, Hayou River, and hot springs in Dawu community, Hsiaokuei Lake trail in Ali community, and the Shenshan Waterfalls, providing the perfect balance of Mother Nature, indigenous culture, and recreation. It also helps to promote a blooming leisure and recreation industry, which helps to preserve the environment and the traditional culture.

Visitors are encouraged to plan a 3-hour trip to this area, and to contact Wutai Township Office if they wish to enter any of the indigenous communities. An entry permit is required for entering Wutai Village, and heavy vehicles are prohibited from entry. 

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Wutai Township, Pingtung County



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.72536/22.75239
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