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2022 Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization Familiarization Trip (Shenshan and Wutai of Northern Pingtung)


The Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters, in cooperation with tourism associations and industries, established the Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization to promote tourism in Kaohsiung and the three townships in Northern Pingtung. On September 29, the familiarization trip to the Northern Pingtung area was held, inviting tourism businesses, bloggers, and the media to work together to promote tourism in Kaohsiung and the Northern Pingtung area.

Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization launched 13 itineraries. First, it invited bloggers to visit the Northern Pingtung area, visiting the Wutai Tribe and the Shenshan Tribe to experience the tribal culture.

Entering the "Wutai Tribe", you can enjoy the scenery of the valley and mountains along the way. "The Shenshan Community Development Association of Wutai Township, Pingtung County" provides an in-depth tour guide. Passing through the "Yanban Slate Stone Lane," which is paved with stone slabs and decorated with ceramic pots, you can see totem road signs of "Lily," "Hundred Pace Snake," and "Formosan Clouded Leopard" in the alley. Then you can visit the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in the “Shenshan Tribe”, which is characterized by the features of the indigenous people.

Afterwards, you can visit "CACAO FARM FORMOSA" to see how chocolate is made, enjoy desserts at the restaurant, or take a gift home. The final stop is "V.I.P ZONE" in Pingtung, where you can find unique cultural and creative stores and installations in every alleyway, making it a perfect ending to this journey.

For more travel information, please visit the official website of the Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters.

  • Wutai Presbyterian Church

    Wutai Presbyterian Church

  • Visiting the Wutai Tribe

    Visiting the Wutai Tribe

  • Indigenous coffee

    Indigenous coffee

  • Hunter's meal

    Hunter's meal

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus

    Sacred Heart of Jesus

  • Indigenous coffee

    Indigenous coffee


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