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Seize The Wonderful "Gourmet" Deal! NT$200 Dining Coupon from Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization Valid Until the End of September


The first wave of limited "Kaohsiung Gourmet Food" dining discounts was launched in August and a 500 lucky winners of Kaohsiung Gourmet Food dining coupons have since been drawn. These can be used at 31 cooperating stores in Kaohsiung and three townships in north Pingtung until September 30, 2023. The Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters reminds winners to take advantage of the “Gourmet” deal before the end of September, and use the dining coupons to purchase delicious food in areas managed by the Kaohsiung destination marketing organization.

"Kaohsiung Gourmet Food" participating stores can be found in Kaohsiung City and three townships in north Pingtung. Visitors can buy famous souvenirs such as "Master Dong's Handmade Mochi," box meals from Jhuo Shang Bin chain diners, as well as items from various feature stores, including the only independent bookstore in Gangshan in North Kaohsiung and "tú-hó Culture Store," which offers discounts on food and beverage purchases. Recently, more partner stores have been added such as Fengshan waffle specialty store "Milu Waffle," the aboriginal delicacies outlet "Va Va Yan" and the Xiaomi donut specialty store "Limumu TEKE - Rinari Branch" in Pingtung Rinari, which allows participants to try delicious foods from tourist areas across Kaohsiung in one go.

In addition to dining discounts, during the "Kaohsiung Gourmet Food" event, all partner stores also launched their own exclusive discounts. For example, "Bunny Wander Land" is offering anyone who joins the official Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization LINE account a 5% discount when spending over NT$200 and a free pineapple tea egg; "Maolin Mushroom House" offers anyone who joins the official Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization LINE account a small house-shaped red quinoa piece of toast when spending in excess of NT$1,000 on site; "Sama Canteen" offers anyone who joins the official Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization LINE account a free Aiyu Ice if they spend more than NT$300. These discounts are only available during the Kaohsiung Gourmet Food Promotion period.

Food is an indispensable part of tourism. The Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization has gathered high-quality restaurants with passion for their customers. We hope that through the "Kaohsiung Gourmet Food" event, the Kaohsiung food map of every visitor will be expanded so they make new friends together, and come to Kaohsiung and north Pingtung to see the countryside and eat delicious food.

For more event details and tourism information, please visit the official website of the Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters, follow the "Fun Maolin (Maolin National Scenic Area)" fan page or join the "Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization " official LINE@ to get real-time offer updates.

Last Update:2023-09-28

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