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Duona High Suspension Bridge

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    Duona High Suspension Bridge

The Duonagao Suspension Bridge is located in the Longtou Mountain between Wanshan and Duona, spanning the Zhuokou River. It is 232 meters in length and 103 meters in height; it is said to be the tallest suspension bridge in Southeast Asia.

The suspension bridge was built as a gesture of peace by the Japanese colonial government, which promised to send food and resources through the bridge to the belligerent indigenous people of the Duona Tribe, who fought ferociously against the Japanese government’s aggressive assimilation strategy. In fact, the bridge was a smokescreen that the Japanese people used to push through their plan for controlling Duona people living deep in the mountain.

The bridge means a lot to people living in Duona because it is where Duona people say goodbye to their tribal members, families, lovers, and friends. The suspension bridge is also worth visiting for tourists because it helps to preserve the region’s history after being rebuilt in 1998.

If you follow the signs on the Duona bridge, you can reach the point where you can take in the full view of the whole Longtou Mountain Range.

Visitors are recommended to spend one and a half hours here. The bridge has a carrying capacity of 100 people. Automobiles and motorbikes are prohibited from entering the bridge. However, visitors can park their cars at a parking lot near the end of the suspension bridge in Wanshan. 

Last Update:2023-10-25

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