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Maolin District

Occasional afternoon thunderstorms(Maolin District)


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Shetou Mountain is located at the 12km mark of Kaohsiung County Highway No. 132 and can be spotted on the way to Douna Village. The mountain sits right across the Longtou Mountain in a meander.

It was named Shetou, literally “snake head” in English, because it looks like a Deinagkistrodon snake snuggling at the Zhuokou River. It is a landmark in Maolin District and the guardian mountain of the local indigenous Tribe.

There is also interesting folklore behind the mountain. So it goes that there were a mother snake and her two baby snakes hunting for food in the mountain. Mistaking the sound of a gushing river in the mountain for heavy rain, the mother snake ushered her children up to a tree to avoid a huge flood that might follow the rain and instructed them to chant a spell so they could turn themselves into an eagle or a purple crow butterfly and fly away safely.

Visitors are recommended to spend 15 minutes here: They can head to the observatory and appreciate the unique meander landscape or the full view of the mountain. 

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The Hundred Pace Snake symbolizes the ancient spirit of the Rukai Tribe. Rukai legends claim that their people are descended from this snake, so the snake is considered highly esteemed and plays an important role in their traditional culture.


Located at the 12km marker on Kaohsiung Rural Route No. 132



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.69537/22.90729
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    4.6 4stars 20 reviews
    4stars 3 years ago

    Snakehead Mountain is located on the only way to Donari, and it is shaped like a hundred-paced snake and occupies the Zhuokou River. Township Road High 132 Line 12km. Shetou Mountain is a typical meandering terrain. It was originally a circulating hill, but because the accumulation of soil and stone on the slipping ground is connected with the hill behind the snake head, it forms an appearance that resembles the Baibu Snake entrenched in the Zhuokou Stream. It is called Hundred Steps Snakehead Mountain. However, under the continuous scouring and cutting action of the river water, the neck of the snake may also be cut off to form a "circulation mound" again. Baibu Shetou Mountain is also regarded as a holy mountain for the guardians of the tribe, and it is also one of the most famous scenic spots in the Maolin area. According to legend, in the long past, there was a female snake with two small snakes looking for food here. The mother snake heard the sound of the rapids of the river and thought it was a heavy rain from the high mountains or even a flood of mountains, so she called her children to climb the trees quickly. She took refuge, and told them to close their eyes and concentrate on reciting the incantation, hoping that their son and daughter would turn into eagles and purple monarchs respectively to escape the disaster. This legend is completely in line with the local natural landscape and is logically interesting, so the narrator often uses it as a guide. ====================== Zhuokou Stream runs through Maolin. In addition to the high mountains and mountains, it also creates special terrain and geology such as waterfalls, canyons, and rich animal and plant landscapes. Longtou Mountain and Shetou Mountain are the topography of circulation hills. The formation of Shetou Mountain is different from that of Longtou Mountain. Due to the accumulation of earth and stone on the slipping ground, it is connected with the hill behind the Snaketou, forming today's landform that resembles the hundred-step snakehead, which is divided into two sides of Longtou Mountain. The separation of the dragon head and the dragon's back as seen on Longtou Mountain is the result of deliberately blowing up and changing the direction of the water flow during the Japanese occupation period to facilitate the traffic of local residents. This natural wonder, which looks like a giant dragon spitting out beads, is caused by the terrain of meanders and circulation hills. When viewed from a height, it looks like a giant dragon entrenched in the valley, and the scenery is very spectacular. Longtou Mountain, Shetou Mountain and Guixing Mountain are also named together, becoming the three famous mountains in Maolin.

    James Liu
    5stars 3 years ago

    It can only be said that the human imagination is really rich. Looking down from the pavilion on the trail, you can see a mountain that looks like the head of a hundred-step snake. In addition to Snake Head Mountain, there is also a Dragon Head Mountain. It is a pity that it is dry season now, and the riverbeds are dry. If the river has water, I think the scenery will be more beautiful.

    4stars 2 months ago

    The shortest Baiyue

    5stars 2 years ago

    Here is the famous Snake Head Mountain⛰️ Unfortunately, there is no water anymore I hope that the next time I come to have mountains and water, the scenery will be more beautiful 😎

    5stars 2 years ago

    Longtou Mountain and Snakehead Mountain are the must-visit mountains and forests in the lush forests. The scenery is beautiful.

    Last Update:2022-07-14

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