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Tengjhih National Forest Recreation Area

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Taoyuan District

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    Tengjhih National Forest Recreation Area

The Tengjhih National Forest Recreation Area is located in Baolai Village of Taoyuan District. It covers an area of 770 hectares and spans 1,500 to 1804 meters above sea level. The national forest recreation area boasts diverse high-altitude tree species, including maple, cypress, cherry, plum, and Taiwan red pine; it is said to be the most well-preserved natural laurel forest in Taiwan. Besides towering trees, visitors can also find a wide variety of flower species in the park, which present changing scenery in different seasons, attracting tourists to come back again and again throughout the year. Moreover, temperatures in the park do not fluctuate much, with the annual average staying at 17℃, making it the best summer resort for hiding away from heat and helping it gain the moniker “Mini Xitou of the South.”

Besides hiking trails for different levels of visitors, the observatory is a must-see place for visitors, from which they can gaze at Mount Jade, Daguan Mountain, Xiaoguan Mountain, North Dawu Mountain, and Mount Pinuyumayan on the horizon. In brief, the Tengjhih National Forest Recreation Area offers a wide selection of activity choices ranging from forest therapy, hiking, flower viewing, and bird or insect sighting. It is also one of the best places for ecological education.

Visitors are advised to spend around three hours here, but please note that large vehicles are prohibited from entering the national forest recreation area without permits, which can be applied through the national forest reaction area’s website.

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It is difficult to do justice to Tengzhi on a one-day trip for many reasons, for example, many animals do not come out until the evening. For people planning to visit Tengzhi, it is advised that you arrange a two-day itinerary that includes visits to other sites around Liugui. The trip from the guest house to the lookout tower covers a total distance of 1.8km, and the hike takes about 2-3 hours. The return trip is only 1.4km in distance and is an approximately 2 hour walk. ※ Sources taken from : Taiwan Forestry Bureau


No. 150, Baoshan Lane, Baoshan Neighborhood, Taoyuan Dist., Kaohsiung City



Traffic Information

Drive: It is located between the areas 9km to the side of Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 27 and 20km along the Laonong forest path. Bus: Take the Kaohsiung Passenger Co. bus bound for Liugui at Kaohsiung, Meinong, or Qishan. It is an approximately 23km walk from Liugui. From Pingtung, take the 8:00am Taiwan Passenger Bus Co. bus to the final stop. Then, take one of the scheduled Kaohsiung Passenger Co. buses from Liugui to Tengjhih National Forest Recreation Area. The buses run four times every day.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.75465/23.06777
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