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Bunun Cultural Exhibition Center

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Taoyuan District

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    Bunun Cultural Exhibition Center

The Bunun Culture Exhibition Center sits right beside the Meishan Visitor Center in Taoyuan District. It is set up and managed by the Yushan National Park Office. The center features a wide variety of displays demonstrating different aspects of Bunun culture, ranging from relics to traditional ceremonies, textiles and clothing, construction and transportation, as well as crafts, which help to deepen visitors’ understanding of the characteristics and customs of Bunun culture.

Visitors are recommended to spend up to one and a half hours here. 

Bunun Cultural Exhibition Center
4.3 4stars 1347 reviews
Edmund So
4stars a year ago

Outpost information center for accessing the south cross moutain highway to Taitung. Display information for Yushan National Park. Provide parking space for self driving tourists and there are video to allow tourists a quick scan on the park.You can go picnic in the park right beside the parking lot or you can go to restaurants around the tourist center if you forgot to bring food with you. The tourist center is open all year round except during typhoon or non government working days. It will take around 3 hours if you are driving from Tainan city. Be ware of falling rocks if you drive after heavy rainfall.

Vanness Hou
4stars 5 months ago


kebble Kuo (掃地僧)
4stars 3 years ago


liting Huang
5stars a month ago

2022/04/30 🚺 Clean and provide toilet paper. Due to limited resources in the mountainous area, the amount of water is small. 2022/05/01 Coinciding with the reopening of the Nanheng Highway, the crowd was surging, and the trash can in the bathroom was obviously not full. I don't know why someone could throw toilet paper out of the trash can? ! 😡 A good environment needs everyone to maintain together, please cherish and cherish the hard work of cleaning people!

3stars a week ago

At present, there are still a lot of people in Shangnanheng. The parking lot of the visitor center is not wide, and it is fully loaded on weekdays, not to mention on holidays. The merchants next to it sell some special meals of aboriginal people, and the prices are not close to the people. Many people will bring their own Rest and enjoy the food before going up the mountain or when going down the mountain

Last Update:2022-06-08

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