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Baolai Hot Spring Area

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Liouguei District

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    Baolai Hot Spring Area

Location:situated at Baolai Village, Liouguei District of Kaohsiung City.

The Baolai hot spring arises in the Baolai Valley east of Baolai Village. On both sides of the spring are precipices and cliffs, and the scenery is magnificent. Baolai hot spring is a bicarbonate spring, with a pH of about 7.5, and temperature about 60℃. The water is plentiful for both drinking and bathing. It is said to have numerous health benefits.

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The facilities of the Baolai hot spring recreation area provide excellent sites for holidays, including a camping area, barbecue area, an archery ground, swimming pool, physical training ground, restaurant, and more. Furthermore, two hot spring villages provide food and lodging at the point of departure for Laonong River rafting.





Traffic Information

Driving: Exit the Cross-Island Highway at the Rende Interchange, take County Route No. 182 and connect to Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 3, then turn at Cishan to Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 28 to Liugui, then take Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 20 to Baolai. Bus: ─ From Kaohsiung, Cishan, and Meinong, take the Kaohsiung Passenger Co. bus to Liugui, then take the Kaohsiung Passenger Co. bus bound for Meishan and get off at Baolai to reach your destination. ─ From Kaohsiung take the Tianchih Kaohsiung Passenger Co. bus bound for Meishankou. ─ From Tainan the Singnan Passenger Co bound for Tianchih and Meishankou. Get off at Baolai to reach your destination.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.70075/23.10552
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    Last Update:2021-07-15

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