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Saijia Recreation Area

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Sandimen Township

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    Saijia Recreation Area

The Saijia Recreation Area is a perfect place for outdoor fun with family and friends. Covering 7.93 hectares, the park is well equipped with camping, barbecuing and other recreations facilities. The park locates at the 17 km point on County High Way 185 in Pingtung and was named by former mayor Mr. Su Tseng-chang. For the sustainable development and operation, the park is currently run by private sector.

Scents of the Woods: The secluded woods of the Saijia Recreation Area offer ample opportunity to breathe in the invigorating essential oils of the forest, whether walking among the trees or slumbering beneath them, with camping areas located amidst stands of camphor, devil trees, Formosan ash and other arboreal species.

The Twinkle of Stars and Fireflies: Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will find stars in clear night sky at Saijia camping site. With fresh air and fire flies around, you will feel like exposing yourself in the starry sky.

Observation Platform:

The observation platform at Saijia Recreation Area is your best choice for spectacular scene of Pingtung and observation of paragliding. You will also be amazed by the diversified tress and lush lawn.

Frog Rock

Considered a guardian spirit of the Saijia Recreation Area, this rock bears an uncanny resemblance to its namesake amphibian. Look closely and you can feel the hospitality through its eyes.

Camping Facilities at

  1. Formosan Ash Camping Area: 14 tent platform, 16 barbecue sites, 2 washing areas.
  2. Camphor Camping Area: 30 tent platform, 41 barbecue sites, 6 washing areas.
  3. Devil's Tree Camping Area: 25 cabins, 25 barbecue sites, 6 washing areas. Other facilities include 3 bathrooms and shower areas, campfire areas, performance stage, and hot water provided by eco-friendly heat pumps.
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HikingCamping Sight seeingOutingMt. climbingFirefly watchingStar gazing Forest bathBarbequeAccessible ToiletAccessible Parking


No. 120, Saijia Lane, Saijia Village, Sandimen Township, Pingtung County



Traffic Information

Driving: ‧ Jhongshan National Freeway → National High Way 10 → Yanchao System 338 K turn to National High Way 3 → Changjhih → Provincial Route 24 → Sandimen → Provincial Route 185 17 K → Saijia ‧ National High Way 3 → Changjhih → Provincial 24 → Sandimen → Provincial 185 17K → Saijia

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.63533/22.75221
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    Saijia Recreation Area
    3.6 3stars 94 reviews
    3stars 8 years ago


    LT Huang
    5stars a week ago

    有住宿,豪華帳篷,自搭帳篷 園區蠻大的,樹木很多,涼快 有小黑蚊要注意

    Yu-Ting Lai
    5stars a month ago

    Last time I stayed in a hotel room The space is spacious, bright and comfortable And the service staff are very kind And helped me get the doll left by the child Help mail back thank you very much

    施政昌(Fragrant Write)
    5stars a month ago

    It’s the first time here. I think the indoor accommodation is pretty good. The bed made up of wooden pallets and the beautiful lobby are very comfortable. I feel that there are some representative colors of the aboriginal culture. The outdoor tent area is super beautiful. , It is said that the tent is made of pure cotton, thick and waterproof, I really want to buy a set to use it.

    5stars a month ago

    After rearrangement, it is worth going for a walk and barbecue. There are also luxurious tents/rooms for accommodation

    Last Update:2021-11-30

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