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Saijia Recreation Area

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Sandimen Township

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    Saijia Recreation Area

The Saijia Recreational Park is located around the 17km mark of Pingtung County Highway No. 185. Covering an area of 8.36 hectares, it is a famous tourist attraction in the south. It has attracted many tourists during holidays since its opening in 2006.

The park has recently been revamped in response to the popularity of camping and outdoor activities in the mountain among the younger generation. It now consists of two parts: the Future Village and the Original Village. The former allows visitors to set up their tents, while the latter features ready tents. Tents offered by the park come with different designs, ranging from Bohemian style, Japanese style, to Baltic style. There are also indoor accommodation choices for those who prefer not to use a tent. No matter what you choose, you can enjoy peace of mind and the time co-existing with nature.

The main theme of the revamp was “three trees.” If written in Chinese characters, the two words can form another character “mu,” meaning “to bathe in” in Chinese. The idea reflects the hope of building a natural camp resort where visitors can bathe in Phytoncide as they immerse themselves in nature and enjoy quality camp trips at the park.

Besides absorbing Phytoncide, visitors can also enjoy fresh and delicious dishes made from locally-produced agricultural products, all of which with their origins and production processes tracked.

The park is a marvelous place where visitors can wander around and enjoy beautiful night skies. As they put some distance between themselves and the hustle and bustle in the city, visitors can create wonderful memories here. 

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Camping Forest bath


No. 120, Saijia Lane, Saijia Village, Sandimen Township, Pingtung County



Traffic Information

‧ Jhongshan National Freeway → National High Way 10 → Yanchao System 338 K turn to National High Way 3 → Changjhih → Provincial Route 24 → Sandimen → Provincial Route 185 17 K → Saijia
‧ National High Way 3 → Changjhih → Provincial 24 → Sandimen → Provincial 185 17K → Saijia

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.63533/22.75221
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