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Wutai Scenic Area

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Wutai Township

Showers or thunderstorms(Wutai Township)


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    Wutai Scenic Area

The Wu Tai Scenic Area is located in Wutai Village of Wutai Township. It is tucked away in a quiet and cool place and surrounded by six smaller villages: Guchuan, Jilu, A-li, Jiamu, Dawu, and Haocha. Among the six tribal communities, Haocha is said to be the most popular one. It is hidden away in a deep forest, and its average yearly temperature falls between 17 to 18℃, making it an ideal hideaway for summer. Besides its famous natural swimming pool, Haocha is also known for its picturesque views, with mountains rising and falling in the background.

Guchuan Village

Guchuan Village serves as the entrance to Wutai Township, and the tribal ground is mainly occupied by Lukai People. It is a place where visitors can admire the Guchuan Bridge, the Guchuan Waterfall, and the Lily Observatory.

Jilu Village

Jilu Village is the smallest indigenous community in Wutai Township in terms of area and population. The village was moved to the Baihe Tribe Park in 2009 because the original tribal ground was severely damaged by Typhoon Morakot, which pummeled the foundation of the original location and made it inhabitable.

A-li Village

A-li Village sits at the end of Provincial Highway No. 24. Located 1,200 meters above sea level, it is the highest tribal ground above sea level in Wutai and is thus referred to as the Beautiful Indigenous Village on the Clouds. The road between Wutai and A-li will be decorated with cherry blossoms between December and April, making the region a famous cherry blossom-sighting spot.

Jiamu Village

Jiamu Village can be accessed through Pingtung County Highway No. 38. After turning onto the Highway a kilometer before reaching Guchuan Village, visitors only have to drive for another 8 kilometers to reach the Jiamu Village. Tribal members mainly grow quinoa, chili pepper, and corn. After the tribal ground was devastated by Typhoon Morakot, those living in Neighborhoods 1, 2, and 3 were moved to the Baihe Tribe Park, while those living in Neighborhoods 4 and 5 remain at the current location.

Dawu Village

Dawu Village is one of the oldest Lukai communities. Tribal members mostly grow traditional produce such as millet, taro, pigeon pea, and pumpkin, but recently, some people have transitioned to producing cash crops such as mountain ginseng, greenhouse mushrooms, and coffee. Others have switched to poultry farming. Although the village was relocated, the original tribal ground remains popular with tourists for the colorful cliff and hot spring at Hayou River.

Haocha Village

Haocha Village is said to be the origin of the Lukai Tribe. The old community was referred to the Lukai as “Gucha Buan.” Folklore has it that the Lukai people were first led to the place by a clouded leopard, so it is also known as the “Hometown of Clouded Leopards.” The village was first moved to New Haocha by the government in 1978 but later relocated again to Linali Village due to damage incurred by Typhoon Morakot. However, the old Haocha Village was well-preserved, with many slate stone houses remaining at the place; the old tribal ground was even designated as an architectural heritage by the World Monuments Fund in 2015.

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Before August 15th of every year on the western calendar, the Rukai people Tribe will celebrate traditional grand sacrifice ceremony----The Harvest Festival. It is the grand event of the tribe that you should definitely come and experience.

Old Haocha is presently listed as a second-class historic monument. To enter Wutai, you should apply a mountain permit.


Wutai Village, Wutai Township, Pingtung County



Traffic Information

At Pingtung take the bus of Taiwan Bus Passenger Co. bound for Wutai Township,and get off at the Wutai Stop

National Freeway No. 1→Kaohsiung Interchange→Tawan Provincial Highway No. 1 Yi line →Houjhuang→Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 1 →Pingtung→Tawan Provincial Highway No. 24 →Shueimen →Sande Inspecting Post → Yila Village→Huarongshe(exit to Wutai)→ Wutai Scenic Area.

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