Liangshan Fall

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    Liangshan Fall

The Liangshan Waterfall can be found at the Niujiaowan Creek, which is located upstream of Donggang River beside Pingtung County Highway No. 185 in Majia Township.

The waterfall has three tiers. The first is said to be the smallest of all with slow water flow, forming a pond at the bottom of the waterfall. It attracts many tourists during weekends because it can be accessed without much effort.

The second and third tiers can be reached by a hiking trail. The trek upward can be relatively challenging, but visitors get to appreciate the river and stones of all shapes along the way. Many wild bird species can also be spotted on the trail early in the morning.

The third tier of the waterfall can be a majestic sight to behold during wet seasons. Visitors can even hear the waterfall rumbling from afar. As they approach the waterfall, they can feel water vapors filling the whole valley and be awed by the grand waterfall cascading from above.

Visitors are recommended to spend 40 minutes at the waterfall. Then, if they have enough strength, they can reach the top of the waterfall and relish the refreshing atmosphere created by surrounding mountains and trees. 

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Sight seeingWaterfall

Travel Trips

There is only one hiking trail to the destination. Be mindful that the path is narrow and slippery.


No. 14-20, Liangshan Village, Majia Township, Pingtung County



Traffic Information

Bus:Take the bus of Pingdong Passenger Co. bound for Sandimen route and get off at Ailiao stop, Then walk for 20 minutes to reach the destination.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.64698/22.67460
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    Liangshan Fall
    4.3 4stars 2610 reviews
    Benos Wanli
    5stars 10 months ago

    Nice place to pass a good moment with family or friends. The path to join the waterfall is not technical and not steep. We went in winter and there was very few water, I think it’s better to go on spring .

    Jeph Zenitram
    5stars 4 years ago

    Perfect weekend get away . Overwhelming waterfall . Theres two ways to get there 1. Pay for entrance fee at the main gate or 2. Use the hikers trail , few meters away from the main gate . Just follow the sign mainly red/blue ties which i believe hikers tied it

    Ani Pelaez
    4stars 5 years ago

    This is a good place to walk and enjoy the view, but will be better in summer or after a rainy day because the waterfall will be bigger. There is a lot of spiders and sneaks, be careful. Tickets are very cheap

    An-Yu Chang
    5stars 5 years ago

    Amazingggggg. U don't have to walk far and long. Waterfall is in the mountains.🤩🤩 Ticket is NT$30 for one person

    5stars 4 years ago

    Don't go when it's rainy season and the water is brown from rain. You could get stuck over the waterfall like we almost did.

    Last Update:2023-03-08

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