Shenwei Tiantaishan Monastery

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    Shenwei Tiantaishan Monastery

Shenwei Tiantai Temple is the largest Yiguandao temple in Taiwan. Located near the 14km mark of the Provincial Highway No. 27, the temple compound covers an area of over 300 hectares. The temple complex consists of a front, middle, and rear temple, which shines brightly under the sunlight and radiates solemnity. The Buddha statues sitting inside the temple are carved out from the largest white jade in Asia. They are held up by a table made of a hundred-year-old Cinnamomum camphora. The Buddha statues are so heavy that their pedestals were fortified before being placed on the wooden table, and they even entered the Guinness World Records for their sizes.

The temple is an open-air venue for recreational and educational purposes, and the hope now is to establish it as an all-purpose world-class dojo.

Visitors are recommended to spend an hour in the temple complex to take their time and enjoy the serene atmosphere there.

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No. 81, San Ming Road, Liugui Dist., Kaohsiung City



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Go onto National Freeway 10 from National Freeway 3, then turn onto No. 28 Road and connect onto Road 27 JA (27A). Next, turn right near the 13.6km marker. The distance from Qishan to the monastery is approximately 20km.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.61725/22.88969
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    Shenwei Tiantaishan Monastery
    4.3 4stars 2871 reviews
    Teo Eng Kuang
    5stars 3 years ago

    Well landscaped park with many statues.

    Chen 陳Wei-Hsin 維新
    4stars a year ago

    Good place to visit.

    YC W
    5stars a month ago

    Very spiritual and uplifting

    Princess Yanelyn
    5stars 8 months ago

    Very relaxing place, i love it🙏

    5stars 7 months ago

    Very good

    Last Update:2022-07-14

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