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Diyuan Temple

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Liouguei District

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    Diyuan Temple

Diyuan Temple is located at Kaohsiung County Road 131, near the Colorful Butterfly Valley. The temple serves the Gods Buddha and Ksitigarbha. It is a branch of Yuanzhao Temple, and is one of the three largest temples in Liouguei. Many believers come to the temple every day, offering plenty of incenses.

The architecture of the temple combines both traditional and modern aspects. The main building is designed to look like a sincere and yet powerful palace. Its roof and pillars are adorned with unique and artistic colorful graphics. The outdoor square is occupied with 500 bluestone Arhat sculptures. Each Arhat sculpture has a different posture and facial expression. They are designed to look like real people.

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Traffic Information

1. By car: From National Highway 10, take Qishan Interchange onto Provincial Highway 28. Pass through Qishan and Meinong and switch to Provincial Highway 27 A. Drive through Liugui and take Kaohsiung County Road 131. 2. Public transport: Take the Kaohsiung Bus and get off at Liugui Bus Terminal. Then, take a taxi to arrive at the temple.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.63805/23.01013
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    Last Update:2021-10-22

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