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Sacred Heart of Jesus

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Wutai Township

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    Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus can be found on Provincial Highway No. 24 in Wutai Township. Set up in Shenshan Tribe in 1959, it is also known as the Shenshan Catholic Church.

The church was built with slate stones and has several special features. One of them is the human-shaped bench carved by the local indigenous people. Human sculptures forming the bench all look to their right-hand side, or the direction from which sunrises, implying hope. Another special feature is a beehive inside the church, which symbolizes solidarity, characteristic of the local indigenous tribe, who work and live together in a tribe like bees in a beehive that protects them.

Visitors are recommended to spend half an hour here. Those who wish to visit the church should book a place at the local community development association. Also, please note that a permit is required to enter Wutai Township and that larger vehicles such as trucks and tour buses are prohibited from entering the region. 

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No. 61-3, Shenshan lane, Wutai Village, Wutai Township, Pingtung County



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.72963/22.74949
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