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Wutai Presbyterian Church

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Wutai Township

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    Wutai Presbyterian Church

The Wutai Presbyterian Church is located in Wutai Village of Wutai Township. The famous indigenous artist Dubanan gathered construction materials in the region and led the local tribe to construct the church in 1966. The indigenous people went on to build what is said to be the tallest cypress cross in Asia and slate stone arts along the way. Tucked away in the forest and hidden behind a screen of cloud and fog, the castle-like church makes people think of heaven, and that is why it is a must-see for tourists visiting Wutai.

Upon arriving at the church ground, visitors will be greeted by two angel sculptures playing cornets at the roof. Entering the church, they can see decorations inspired by Lukai culture everywhere, ranging from lilies, Deinagkistrodon (a snake species regarded as the guardian of Lukai people), and knives, all of which symbolize traditional Lukai spirits, such as solidarity and sedulousness.

Visitors are recommended to spend about half an hour here to appreciate this beautiful building. Make sure that you apply for permits to enter Wutai Township. Larger vehicles such as trucks and tour buses are prohibited from entering the region. 

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No. 76, Chung Shan Lane, Lin 9, Wutai Village, Wutai Township, Pingtung County



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.73109/22.74446
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