Taoyuan District Indigenous Museum

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Taoyuan District

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    Taoyuan District Indigenous Museum

The Taoyuan Indigenous Museum is situated close to the 94km mark of the Southern Cross-Island Highway. The three-story museum building is surrounded by mountains and sits against a picturesque background. There is a plaza in front of the museum building, which can be used for large-scale outdoor performances or indigenous celebrations and ceremonies.

The museum helps to preserve various indigenous cultures in the area, which is home to Bunun and La Aluwa people, the two largest indigenous groups in the region, alongside other smaller tribes, such as the Paiwan, the Lukai, and even Han people. The museum boasts a wide collection consisting of audiovisual archives, as well as relics, which together record the development of the Bunun and La Aluwa people. Through its quality displays, the museum hopes to help the indigenous people better understand their tribal cultures and history.

Visitors are recommended to spend an hour in the museum complex to look at displays in different exhibition halls of various themes. 

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No. 180, Nan Ching Lane, Taoyuan Dist., Kaohsiung City



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.76628/23.15921
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    Taoyuan District Indigenous Museum
    4 4stars 316 reviews
    5stars 2 months ago

    It’s worth visiting to get to know Taoyuan’s local characteristics, cultural environment, and handicrafts.

    5stars a year ago

    It was already past the business hours when I went there that day. Although I called to inform me during the business hours, I still felt very sorry 😓 and it was a pity because I could no longer visit the interior, so it was rare to go there. On the last day of the stamping activity, the weather on the mountain was not good, which affected all the itineraries of the day, but after driving to this place, it really moved people 😂Because I drove a long way up the mountain road, I saw a large-scale restaurant The Aboriginal Cultural Center, the building is also very beautiful. There is a curved eaves in front of the building, which feels like being surrounded. I hope to have a chance to visit again next time, and I want to take a good look at it.

    4stars a year ago

    1110713 The Aboriginal Cultural Center in Taoyuan District, Kaohsiung City is currently being renovated. The environment is good. There is a basketball court with an awning nearby and a sports ground for activities.

    5stars a year ago

    Virtual Chapter received it as soon as he walked to the door. Xiaoqi didn't have a table or chair to sit and eat...

    Edison Chang
    4stars 11 months ago

    Taoyuan District Aboriginal Heritage Museum is located about 94 kilometers away from Nanheng Highway in Taoyuan District. It is surrounded by mountains and has beautiful scenery. For the Paiwan, Rukai and Han people, there is a large outdoor exhibition hall in front of the building, which can be used as a place for holding various festivals. The museum mainly preserves the local aboriginal culture, enriches the collection of cultural relics, and uses images, utensils and other collections to show the history of humanistic development of the Bunun and La Aruwa people in this area, so as to present their high-quality culture. Understand the historical context of the ethnic group and the trajectory of cultural changes. (Source: Provided by Taoyuan District Aboriginal Cultural Center)

    Last Update:2022-09-26

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