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  • Culture call from Southern , Central Mountain Range of Taiwan
    Culture call from Southern , Central Mountain Range of Taiwan

    Upload date:2024-04-15

  • Upload date:2024-03-21


     Embracing Bilingual 2030

  • 2023 Austronesian Weddings
    2023 Austronesian Weddings

    Upload date:2024-03-01


     The Austronesian Wedding is an activity held by the Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters featuring the region’s indigenous cultures. It follows the wedding traditions of Paiwan and Rukai tribal leaders in the three townships of Pingbei, Majia, Sandimen and Wutai.

  • 360 VR - Love Follows
    360 VR - Love Follows

    Upload date:2022-01-03


    Cycling is the carrier of memories – it can transform our spiritual plane in life. When I was young, I wanted to escape from my parents, and went exploring in a faraway place. As I grew older, and had my own family, I began to understand how my parents quietly protected me when I was a child. Now, it is time for me to take care of my family. Together, we will ride over mountains and cross seas, and cherish every moment together. 

  • 360 VR - The Road of the Brave
    360 VR - The Road of the Brave

    Upload date:2022-01-03


    A person rides fast, but a group of people rides further. Young cyclists go cycling with enthusiasm. Life has its ups and downs, as does cycling. But good teammates allow you to ride in their slipstream, much like having a benefactor in life Together, we will ride through the mountains and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Taiwan You will see that happiness is always right beside you 

  • Shihba Luohanshan
    Shihba Luohanshan

    Upload date:2019-11-25

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