Maolin Environmental Education Center

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Maolin District

Occasional afternoon thunderstorms(Maolin District)


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    Maolin Environmental Education Center

The Maolin Environmental Education Center is situated on Maolin Alley of Maolin Village. It is a supplementary facility of the Maolin National Scenic Area, which is known for its diverse ecosystem, landscapes, indigenous cultures, and most importantly, swarms of migrating purple crow butterflies that can be seen every winter. The center was established by the Maolin National Scenic Area Office in an effort to maintain the environment and ecotourism in Maolin District. The office enlisted the help of the government, industries, and academia to train personnel and develop courses that incorporate features of the local environment. Besides establishing the center, the office encourages the public and private sectors to care about natural resources and the diversity of the local ecosystem, hoping to create an environment for sustainable environmental education.

Visitors are recommended to spend about an hour here to learn more about the unique environment and ecosystem of the Maolin National Scenic Area through environmental education courses, which can be booked on the website of the National Scenic Area in advance. 

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No. 16, Maolin Village, Maolin District, Kaohsiung City



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.66323/22.88661
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    Maolin Environmental Education Center
    4.6 4stars 139 reviews
    5stars 6 months ago

    Maolin Visitor Center Briefing about 11 minutes, 50 people per session (pre-booking is recommended) Purple Butterfly Trail Cai Cai Zhang's first experience Easy walk: After passing through the toilet in the visitor center, go up to the small square to listen to the guide. There is an aboriginal market opposite the holiday, and you can see the purple spot butterfly when you go down the square There are more purple butterflies in the morning!

    CC chung
    5stars 6 months ago

    The very attentive visitor center has introductions about butterflies, clean toilets, drinking fountains, souvenir sales and enthusiastic service staff. In addition, I have met the commentators who introduced the purple butterfly in detail and seriously twice when I went there. Features and habits, from simple viewing to intellectual journey!

    5stars a year ago

    Tel: 08-7997245 Service time: 08:30 ~ 17:00 Maolin Visitor Center and Purple Butterfly 3D Audiovisual Pavilion address: No. 16, Neighborhood 1, Maolin Lane, Maolin District, Kaohsiung City 851001 Tel: 07-6801111 Service time: 08:30 ~ 17:00 There are two major overwintering butterflies in the world, namely the Mexican monarch butterfly and the Taiwan purple butterfly. The Mexican monarch butterfly belongs to the temperate wintering butterfly valley. In the mountainous area at an altitude of 3,000 meters that cannot be reached by vehicles, they are closely related due to temperature. Hanging, there are few active forms, so most of them can only be viewed statically. In contrast, Taiwan's purple butterfly is a subtropical overwintering butterfly valley, living in valleys below 500 meters above sea level. From November to March every year, as long as the weather is not rainy or cloudy, they are almost from nine to five every day. When commuting to and from get off work, the three-no policy is implemented: no clocking in, no lateness, and no leave. Therefore, in comparison, admiring Taiwan's purple spot butterflies is relatively relaxed, beautiful, comfortable, easy, and much more interesting.

    5stars a year ago

    Through the lush mountains and forests, absorb the essence of the fragrance of the deep mountains The purple butterflies flutter, the meandering flow surrounds the hills! 🔹️Take a walk on Longtoushan Small Great Wall Wooden Trestle Trail and Wangfu Cliff, appreciate the unique terrain of nature from various angles, enjoy the scenery surrounded by mountains, and overlook the Duona High Suspension Bridge. You can't help but admire the beauty of Taiwan! 🔸️Dona High Suspension Bridge ▪︎Dona Tribe ~ The Dona High Suspension Bridge floats like a rainbow in the mountains and clouds. The colorful colors are particularly dazzling and beautiful in the green mountains and green waters. Among the high mountains, you can appreciate the magnificence and beauty of Taiwan's mountains.

    5stars 8 months ago

    Come to collect stamps at 100 points. Before planning the route, I looked at the street view at home for a long time. I couldn’t figure out where it was. Judging from the color of the tiles in other people’s photos, it should be in the same building as the farmers’ association, so I decided to find the destination when the farmers’ association arrived. I looked for it, but when I arrived, I saw it on the left next door🤣

    Last Update:2022-07-14

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