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Maolin Environmental Education Center

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Maolin District

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    Maolin Environmental Education Center

The Maolin Environmental Education Center is situated on Maolin Alley of Maolin Village. It is a supplementary facility of the Maolin National Scenic Area, which is known for its diverse ecosystem, landscapes, indigenous cultures, and most importantly, swarms of migrating purple crow butterflies that can be seen every winter. The center was established by the Maolin National Scenic Area Office in an effort to maintain the environment and ecotourism in Maolin District. The office enlisted the help of the government, industries, and academia to train personnel and develop courses that incorporate features of the local environment. Besides establishing the center, the office encourages the public and private sectors to care about natural resources and the diversity of the local ecosystem, hoping to create an environment for sustainable environmental education.

Visitors are recommended to spend about an hour here to learn more about the unique environment and ecosystem of the Maolin National Scenic Area through environmental education courses, which can be booked on the website of the National Scenic Area in advance. 

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No. 16, Maolin Village, Maolin District, Kaohsiung City



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.66323/22.88661
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