Rinari Visitor Center

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Majia Township

Occasional afternoon thunderstorms(Majia Township)


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    Rinari Visitor Center

The Linali Visitor Center sits on Heping road in Majia Township of Pingtung County, the center of a network of tourist attractions connected by Provincial Highway No. 24, as well as Pingtung County Highways No. 185 and No. 187. To supplement the Visitor Center in providing comprehensive services and satisfying tourists’ needs, the Pingtung County Government established the Quinoa Museum and Linali 1n1 Creative Space beside the Visitor Center. By integrating indigenous culture and innovation, the government turned traditional indigenous crafts into artworks with profound meanings.

The Visitor Center features a barrier-free information desk, a multimedia room, a lactation room, a book circulation station, and chargers for mobile devices. Visitors are strongly recommended to do two things here. The first is to try out traditional Paiwan costumes and take photos. The second is to visit the observatory on the center’s second floor, where they can admire mountains and forests in the surroundings, sunset, Xiezhang Bridge, and the 85 Sky Tower in Kaohsiung.

Besides activities inside the center, visitors should also check out art festivals held on weekends at the plaza in front of the center, as the festivals are where people can see craftwork featuring indigenous cultures. If tourists wish to know more about Lukai and Paiwan cultures, they can visit the tribes.

Visitors are recommended to spend half an hour here. Besides collecting tourist information, they can also try on traditional indigenous costumes and take pictures for free. 

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No. 63, Sec. 1, Hoping Road, Majia Village, Majia Towship, Pingtung



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.64406/22.69950
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    Rinari Visitor Center
    4.4 4stars 468 reviews
    Willance Tan
    5stars a month ago

    What a beautiful, cultural village

    Chao-Lin Liu
    5stars a year ago

    closed on Mondays

    Huang Stan
    5stars 2 years ago

    Art and culture.

    4stars 8 months ago

    The Chinese version visited unexpectedly on the day of the 9/18 earthquake, Even though it was Sunday, there were no crowds. There are some handicrafts of Paiwan and Rukai people in the visitor center. There are also foreign climbers savoring Taiwan's aboriginal culture. There is a large open space in front for parking. Because there are no traffic lights, So be careful crossing the road, Especially with children, But it looks like there is a parking lot on the other side. Because of the epidemic, Outdoor public restrooms are closed, You can go to the public toilets in the center, There is also a water dispenser for a little refill, Park as a whole Clean and comfortable😌 You can overlook the intersection before entering the center (But not sure which side to look at, it seems to be Gaoping River?)

    5stars 6 months ago

    There is a seating area where you can watch videos, and there is a big bear doll. In addition, the toilet part is very aboriginal, so it is worth a visit!

    Last Update:2022-07-14

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