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Mountain Climbing and Hiking Half-Day Trips Route A

Travel to the Liangshan Waterfall to view its majestic beauty, especially when the water is strong. These sights will remain in your mind. You can also enjoy some water fun, which is always the best enjoyment under the hot summer sun!

  • Day 1

  • Liangshan Fall
    Liangshan Fall

    Liangshan Waterfall is situated at Majia Township of Pingtung County. It is divided into three levels. Visitors can go upstream along the mountain trail to the second and third levels to admire the views. In the early morning, there are always a lot of wild birds in the area. Many people come here for mountain hiking or picnics.

  • Zhongshan Park
    Zhongshan Park

    Zhongshan Park locates in Sandimen Village. It was a martyrs’ shrine in the Japanese colonial era, but transformed into a park after the Restoration in 1945 (return of Taiwan to China). This is the place you cannot miss out.

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