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Maolin National Scenic AreaItinerariesSuggested ToursDelicacies and DelightsDelicacies and Delights Two Day Trips Route B
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Delicacies and Delights Two Day Trips Route B

Rare, Local Delights You Won’t Find Anywhere Else! Taste the unique mountain dishes of the area and come in contact with Indigenous culture. The passionate nature of the Indigenous people and their delicious food will allow you to realize that the world is really just one big family! Leave for home with a warm feeling in your heart and stomach!

  • Day 1

  • Longtoushan

    Longtoushan, also known as Dragon Head Mountain, is about 22 hectares in area. It is also an unusual circular hill, with high mountains surrounding its three sides.

  • Duona Village’s Stone Slab Houses
    Duona Village’s Stone Slab Houses

    Duona was previously known as Tunzi, a name derived from its Japanese name. It is said that two hunters and their dog passed by Duona village while they were hunting. In earlier times, there was a swamp near the village, and every time the dog passed the swamp, it was unwilling to leave. The hunters returned to their hometown and when they came back to the village with the chief, they found that the area near the swamp, with its ample water supply and protection provided by the mountains, was a good place to live. After a series of discussion, the villagers decided to move to the site that is today’s village. They spread and expanded a second village, then a third, eventually forming the large village that is today’s Duona Village.

  • House of Millet
  • Day 2

  • Sandimen Township
  • Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Park
    Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Park

    The park is located at Beiye Village, Pingtung County. It was originally called the Majia Aboriginal Culture Village as it situated in the intersection of the three aboriginal townships of Sandimen, Majia, and Wutai. It is only 24 km away from Pingtung City, with convenient transportation. It contains both the Paiwan and Rukai tribes.

  • Majia Township
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