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Admiring Arts and Crafts Two Day Trips Route A

Learn to Protect the Passion and Will of Traditional Arts and Crafts. Through artistic presentations and visual expressions from the exterior to the interior, visitors will enjoy the beauty of art and learn about the lifestyle and cultural spirit of the aborigines. For artists, this form of passing down important information is priceless, and also promotes the interaction between and fusion of cultures. To the local people, this is a new source of economic growth for their mountainous homeland.

  • Day 1

  • Duona Village’s Stone Slab Houses
    Duona Village’s Stone Slab Houses

    The Douna Slate Stone House Hub can be found in the Douna Village in Maolin District. It is a specialty of the Paiwan tribe, whose people built slate stone houses together using slate stones collected directly from the Wenquan River nearby. While the body of the house is usually built with slates of lighter shades, which are susceptible to corrosion by wind and rain, the floor and roof are usually made from heavier slates of darker shades, which are more resilient than light-colored slates. In addition, some slate stone houses feature Deinagkistrodon totems on the top or sides of the door, which signifies the owner’s social status, which is either a tribal chief or a highborn.

  • Day 2

  • Baolai
  • Lihuaiching Pottery Workshop
  • Jinsyuan Tea
    Liouguei Xinfa Village- Jinsyuan Tea

    The farmhouses on both sides of the street in Sinfa Village at Liouguei post signboards for tea factories and tea gardens everywhere, making it a "Township of Tea". Jinsyuan Tea of Liouguei is famous for its rich milky scent and unique flavor, making it a favorite among tea connoisseurs.
    Source:Kaohsiung Farmers' Association

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