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Flavors of Indigenous Homelands Two Day Trips Route A

Participate in the annual Austronesian Wedding event and experience the Indigenous culture and local cultural traditions. Try for yourself the striking architecture of the area - stone slab B&Bs, and gaze outward from the highest B&B within Pingtung County, taking in the panoramic view of nature right before your eyes.

  • Day 1

  • Austronesian Wedding
    Austronesian Wedding

    The “Austronesian Wedding” event held by the Maolin Scenic Area Administration is a singular event that has attracted many non-Indigenous couples from Taiwan to participate, and also some couples from abroad. The romantic atmosphere and exotic experience of the wedding has been well received by all who have witnessed it.

  • Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Park
    Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Park

    The park is located at Beiye Village, Pingtung County. It was originally called the Majia Aboriginal Culture Village as it situated in the intersection of the three aboriginal townships of Sandimen, Majia, and Wutai. It is only 24 km away from Pingtung City, with convenient transportation. It contains both the Paiwan and Rukai tribes.

  • Day 2

  • Wutai
  • Dubanan Memorial Hall
    Dubanan Memorial Hall

    The "ancestral chair" outside the memorial hall is reserved for men, and hunting knives and spears are hung upon it. Be aware that women should not come close or sit down. The hunting knives and spears on the chair will never be able to catch prey if the rule is broke. The ancestral chair is usually placed in the living room of Paiwan and Rukai homes, so when there are female visitors, they must be careful and avoid this special chair.

  • 圖片
    Wutai Presbyterian Church

    Mr. Du Ba-nan was a revered local artist. His designs are inspired by Rukai beliefs. The most important aboriginal belief is union, and the second is family. Mr. Du Ba-nan applied these two crucial elements in the church architecture with many delicate designs. He used gravel and tile to build the church bell, hoping that the sound of the bell would attract all believers to gather together at the church. The Presbyterian Church was Mr. Du Ba-nan’s last project, one in which he successfully expressed the Rukai spirit. To the people of the Rukai, the church also serves as a memorial to Mr. Du Ba-nan.

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