Great Buddha of Tsai Hung Shan

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Liouguei District

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    Great Buddha of Tsai Hung Shan

The Great Buddha of Liugui, also known as the Great Buddha of Tsai Hung Shan as it is built by the Tsai Hung Shan Religious Foundation, can be found on Xinkai Road of Liugui District. The construction of the Great Buddha was initiated in 2000 and lasted for 15 years. It was completed in 2015, and the Great Buddha was revealed to the general public. The Buddha is made of 167 tons of bronze and stands 20 meters tall, equivalent to nearly 7 stories; its magnificence can be felt when observing it up close. In contrast to its grandiose appearance, the Buddha has a peaceful countenance, with his eyes closed. At the pedestal of the Buddha statue are a bronze stick incense pot and a bronze table for offerings, both of which feature traditional but spectacular designs. Visitors can reach the Buddha statue by climbing the stairway spiraling up the hill.

The Buddha statue is a landmark of Liugui and attracts many visitors. Behind the statue is a temple worshipping 12 Vajrapanis representing the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac.

Visitors are recommended to spend about an hour on the temple ground to look inside the Buddha statue and appreciate other skillfully-crafted Buddha statues. 

Great Buddha of Tsai Hung Shan
4 4stars 4111 reviews
5stars 2 years ago

This place is so nice to visit. Not only you are able to learn Buddhism culture but also you can go abroad this area. Of course, we did enjoy having great time there. I think the best part for me is standing in front of huge sculpture with beautiful view. By the way, there are the sculpture of Chinese zodiac in the back of terrace.

david ng
5stars 4 years ago

Newly Buddha temple still under construction . There is a big jade in the temple . Worth the visit

4stars 6 months ago

Big Buddha Statue.

Carlos Pedroza
4stars 2 years ago

Nice and peaceful location. From my understanding this location is still under construction. Will definitely go back once it has been completed.

4stars 11 months ago

Nice for photo shoot

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