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Baoshan Erjituan Cherry Blossom Park

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Taoyuan District

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    Baoshan Erjituan Cherry Blossom Park

Located at 16.5K of Tengzhi Forest Trail in Baoshan Village, this approximately 38-acre park stands at nearly 1500-meter above sea level and is also nicknamed “38-acre Cherry Blossom Park”. Its height makes it a great vantage point overlooking Xiao Guan Mountain, Jianshan (where the South Cross-Island Highway begins), and the Baolai hot spring area.

Nearly 5,000 cherry blossom trees of different species are planted here and mostly bloom from January to February each year. During the flowering season, the park is bathed in a dazzling sea of pink, signaling the coming of spring. It is the best place for viewing cherry blossoms in Kaohsiung.

Visitors are encouraged to spend 2 hours here to enjoy the flowers and the refreshing forest at its hiking trail. 

Last Update:2022-09-26

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