Baolai Hot Spring Park

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Liouguei District

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    Baolai Hot Spring Park

Situated behind Baolai Junior High School, visitors will need to climb some stairs before reaching the Hot Spring Park. Baolai area is famous for its hot springs in southern Taiwan, and this 5.4-hectare park has 1370 blossoming shrubs, including Pink Shower Trees, Blue Jacaranda, and Silk Floss Tree. Blossoms can be seen year-round. Visitors can enjoy hand and foot baths among the blossoms or embrace nature with a decadent camping experience. The scene is even more spectacular in the evening when the lights are lit. An admission fee applies. Please contact Baolai Hot Spring Park for fees.

Visitors are recommended to stay in this area for approximately 2 hours to enjoy the hot springs or to spend the night here. 

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Behind Baolai Junior High School and adjacent to Pulai Stream Xitoushe War Road at Liugui District, Kaohsiung City



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.70266/23.10694
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    Baolai Hot Spring Park
    3.7 3stars 3580 reviews
    Mui Hong Lim
    4stars 6 months ago

    The whole campsite is clean and spacious. Safari tent is comfortable with private bathtub, that could soak 2 persons at the same time. Will be good if there’s windows in the tent. Campsite has beautiful mountains views, well kept grounds, easy to walk paths. Public foot soak pools are clean and relaxing. Dinner was basic as we needed to boil and cook ourselves. Breakfast was awesome, warm porridge with 9 side dishes. Service level is simple as staffed by local indigenous people. Would look forward coming back for more.

    Paul Shaffner
    4stars 3 years ago

    Brand new facilities with a beautiful view of the Laonong Valley below. Hours were accurate as posted above. Hot springs have two sections: one for foot-bathing and one for full body. Full body section has 5 pools ranging from 42-22C. Changing rooms are clean and provide toilets, showers, and a spin dryer. Entrance to the entire area is NT$350 for adults and NT$250 for children. Foot-bathing only costs NT$150 for adults and NT$80 for children. Prices are a bit high but the place has nice aesthetics and the facilities seem to be quite well-attended. Lots of places to picnic outside the bath area but no food or drink (besides water) is allowed inside. Incidentally, good for birding in the evenings.

    Brian Meehan
    5stars 4 years ago

    This is a beautiful scenic park that you could stop for a quick pit stop, and afternoon picnic, or an all-day nature walk. The hot springs are warm (40C) and lovely. It's an easy hike from the road.

    5stars a year ago

    Expensive but worth the money. Good for energetic or lazy people. Great views of mountains and birds. Barbecue excellent. Service friendly and efficient. Jacuzzi spa in room. Spacious tent with all the comforts of home. Quiet and restful.

    Chao-Lin Liu
    5stars a year ago

    We came here to take a walk in the early morning. The park has a lovely garden, offering a nice perspective of the land-slided mountain in the far background. If you stay in a nearby hotel that offers free bikes to borrow, you may consider biking to this park. You will have to climb a long steep slope and a short but very steep slope.

    Last Update:2022-07-14

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